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La musique du Mashup 2013 est un best-of des musiques des fêtes de l'année 2013. La musique dure 2 minutes et 54 secondes et est sortie au mois de décembre 2013. Les chanteurs sont Cadence, le Penguin Band, Jordan Fisher et d'autres artistes inconnus. C'est un mix de chansons Party in my Iggy, Gotta Have a Wingman et It's your Birthday.

Paroles (en anglais)[]

Let's gooooo

Oh Oh

Oh Oh

Someone Someone

oh oh


let's get this started

let's gooooooo

Their turn to party

and it is gonna be a biggy

that's right, you gotta have a wingman

ho ho ho,

Everybody's getting jiggy (Puffle Party, Puffle Party)


and it is gonna be a biggy


there's a party in my iggy

We're here for the party but that's not enough

We gotta throw our own party to show our love

'Cause penguins and puffles are total buds

And no one can come between

Show 'em off like we ain't see nothing yet

They may not have feet they still dubstep

Once to right and twice to the left

And bounce around to this beat.

Bok bok bok bok bok, bokbokbokbokbok, bok bok bok bok bo'

Ha ha you gotta have a wingman

Puffle party

Ppppp puffle party

Puffle (Moo) (x5)


oh oh oh oh ohhhh

It's your birthday

I wonder what's that funky sound from around the way,

(It's your birthday)

Now the bass is thumping loud and my head begins to sway

(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

(It's your birthday)

No I just can't help myself from following the beat,

(It's your birthday)

Pull back room my feet just moved to the igloo down the street

(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

Bring your friends and good vibes,

It's the best on ice,

And it is gonna be a biggie,

There's a party in my iggy,

Step left and bend to the right,

Clap hands and then just fly,

Everybody's getting jiggy,

There's a party in my iggy now

(Statue Roommates)

Bring your friends and good vibes,

It's the best on ice.

(Oh oh oh oh)

(Oh whoaaaa)

(It's your birthday)

(Oh whoaaaa)

Take it back, and forth, and back again (Oh whoaaaa)

You've got your moves, for sure, so you gotta represent

(There's a party in my iggy now)

I want someone like me to like me.