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    Hello, penguins! The Mine has become such a surprise lately, and last week, I asked you what you think will happen. Here are the results:

    New Room: 20% (2 Votes)

    New Mini-Game: 10% (1 Vote)

    Mission 11: 50% (5 Votes)

    Mine Collapsing: 10% (1 Vote)

    Other: 10% (1 Vote)

    This week, I am wondering if there will be a Winter Fiesta 2010. There has been one since 2006 (it was called Winter Luau back then), and there hasn't been a clue that there will be one so far. Here's the poll:

    Until then, Waddle on!

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    Greetings, penguins! The latest pin is out today, and it is located at the Iceberg. It is a Puffer Fish Pin:

    Also, below are the Better Igloos catalog cheats:

    • Page 1: The seat on the Stone Couch = Portal Box (200 coins)
    • Page 2: The middle stone on the Stone Lamp = HD TV (1000 coins)
    • Page 3: The footing part on the skis that are on the Ski Rack = Snowboard Rack (600 coins)
    • Page 5: The blue bird on the Santa Hat Snowman = Nutcracker (950 coins)
    • Page 6: The bow on the Christmas Wreath = Small Christmas Tree (400 coins)
    • Page 6: The star on the Large Christmas Tree = Christmas Lights (30 coins)
    • Page 7: The seat on the Modern Chair = Coat Rack (200 coins)
    • Page 8: The log on the right side of the Large Aquarium = Shoe Rack (120 coins)
    • Page 8: The front right leg o…

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    Hello, penguins. Club Penguin Times Issue 222 is out! Here are the news:

    • Rockslide at the Mine! Diggers needed!
    • New Igloos Rock!: Starting January 15th
    • What's up with the Underground?

    Here are some of the weekly features:

    • In Focus: Aqua Grabber
    • Ask Aunt Arctic: Full Mail Deal, Juan A. Table
    • Warning: Secret Revealed: Expert Dancer

    Here are the upcoming events (some are from previous editions):

    January 15, 2010

    • Better Igloos
    • Igloo Upgrades

    January 29, 2010

    • Igloo Music

    The next Pin will be hidden on January 15, 2010.

    Below is the link to Issue #222:

    Issue 222

    It seems interesting, especially when I have to wait for next week's paper! I wonder what will happen, and will there be a Winter Fiesta this year? Probably not, I guess, but I hope that there will be a P…

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    Greetings, penguins. We've had several weeks of the "Sunday Fun Polls". I have felt like that the name should be changed to something more appropriate, so it will now be renamed to "Sunday Weekly Poll". Last week, I asked you what you were looking forward to in 2010. 3 voters (60%) said that they were looking forward to the "Parties". There were 1 vote each (20%) for the new "Missions" and the new "Pins". This week, because of the so-called "Rockslide" in the Mine, I will ask you what you think will happen. Here's the poll:

    I can't wait to hear what you think!

    That's it for now, waddle on!

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    Hello, penguins! There is something that tells me that Mission 11 is just around the corner. First off, the Mine has rocks falling from a wall:

    Unless that the rocks will be used for a party, it should be for Mission 11. The only evidence that opposes this is the new Better Igloos catalogs next week. The Club Penguin Team did mention it would have cave items.

    Sounds interesting... Until then, waddle on!

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