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Gdzie Pod wodą
Otwarty 26 stycznia 2012
Zamknięty 1 lutego 2012
Mini gry Brak
ID 851 - 856
Opis przewodnika

Maze to specjalny pokój imprezowy dostępny dla memberów podczas Underwater Expedition. Jest to labirynt, który należy przejść, aby dostać się do The Deep.

Opisy przewodnika[]

1. These arrow arches are a bit tricky... but we'll get the hang of them. Let's head up and left... I think the other ways are dead ends!

2. There's the finish! Hmm... looks like we need to enter from the right... so let's make our way around... Watch out for dead ends.

3. Let's see... I think we need to turn left now... I hope we're not lost!

4. Alright we've got a few options... Left, middle and right... I think we should take the middle way... Follow me!

5. Whoa! This looks like a maze... Stay together and follow me... I have some notes here on how to solve it... I think we should go up first.

6. Phew, this place is making me dizzy... but I think we're on the right track! I'm guessing we need to go up... So let's take the right path... This way!


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