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Holiday Party 2010 ???

Where South of the Town and Plaza
Opened December 16, 2010
Closed December 28, 2010
Mini-games None
Room ID 899
Tour Description
This is the... ...hmmm... actually I don't know where we are... ...But this is the biggest tree I've ever seen!

??? was a party room at the Holiday Party 2010. This room could be accessed by all penguins by taking the path that lead southwards in the Town or the Plaza. Like the Forest, there were many trees surrounding the room. The room was somewhat small, as the large tree takes up a large amount of the room. The area seemed to be on an incline, as parts of the island could be seen behind the tree. The role of the ??? room during the Holiday Party 2010 was similar to the role of the Forest in the Holiday Party 2009, the Merry Walrus Party, the Holiday Party 2015 and the Holiday Party 2016, as there was a giant Christmas tree and you could throw ornaments, much like in this room.


Pink ornament

An ornament

Throwing a snowball in this room would result in an ornament being thrown. They varied in size, color, and detail and could be used to decorate the trees.


  • Purple ball
  • Gold (or yellow) ball
  • Orange ball
  • Pink ball
  • Blue (egg shape ovoid)
  • Purple (egg shape ovoid)
  • Cyan (egg shape ovoid)

Geographic location

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