??? ?????????
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Opened April 1, 2018
Closed Still open
Character(s) None

??? ????????? (also known as the Box Dimension)[1] is a zone in Club Penguin Island. It is a mysterious place made of cardboard boxes. It can be accessed through an Unusual Box, or formerly from a large portal in Island Central during April Fools' Day 2018.


Main area

The main area is a platform of boxes. At the back, there is a large portal used to enter or exit the zone. To the left of the portal is a staircase connecting to one of the large floating boxes. South of the portal is a staircase made of boxes, which leads to the lower part of the platform, containing a table and chairs made of boxes, as well as a pile of boxes. In the distance northeast of the portal there is a buoy, made of cardboard, numbered 3.

Floating boxes

On the left floating box, near the portal, is a pile of boxes and a zipline. This zipline connects to a floating box in the southeast with a trampoline on top of it. This trampoline bounces players to another box to the north, which has treasure chests with coins and a cannon that can be used to launch back onto the main platform.


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The following collectibles can be found here. Coins are also included.
Image Name Amount Respawn time
Coin CPI small.png
Coins 18 total; 8 plus 2 treasure chests with 5 per chest At midnight in PST

Daily Challenges

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The following zone-specific challenges can be completed here.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Zip It
RK quest icon.png
Solo Take 3 zipline rides 40 coins and 40 XP No
We're Not in the Cove Anymore
RH quest icon.png
Solo Visit the secret April Fools room 40 coins and 40 XP No


  • One of the photos Leedah takes in the eBook "Wish Upon a Squid" depicts this zone.
  • The number of question marks correspond to the number of letters in "Box Dimension".
  • Gary the Gadget Guy originally planned on naming the zone "The Corrugated Fiberboard Dimensional Space". When Gary asked Rookie what he would name it, he suggested "The Box Dimension" instead, and Gary said it was the perfect name.[2]
  • Rookie believed he had seen the dimension before in his dreams. However, Aunt Arctic told him it was all in his imagination.[2]
  • The new dimension helps to prove Gary's "Multiverse theory".[2]


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Name Soundtrack
BoxDimension Default




Names in other languages

??? ?????????

Language Name
Portuguese ???????? ??? ???????
French ???????? ?????????
Spanish ????????? ????
German N/A
Russian N/A
Prior to the 1.10.2 update, the Portuguese name was the same as the English name.

Box Dimension

Language Name
Portuguese Dimensão das Caixas
French Boîtième Dimension
Spanish Dimensión Caja
German N/A
Russian N/A


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