??? ?????????
Marketing screen ??? ?????????

Opened April 1, 2018
Closed Still open
Character(s) None

??? ????????? (also known as the Box Dimension)[1] is a zone in Club Penguin Island. It is a mysterious place made of cardboard boxes. It can only be accessed through an Unusual Box or from a large portal in Island Central during April Fools' Day 2018.


Main area

The main area is a platform of boxes. At the back, there is a large portal used to enter or exit the zone. To the left of the portal is a staircase connecting to one of the large floating boxes. South of the portal is a staircase made of boxes which leads to the lower part of the platform. Alongside that is a table with chairs made of boxes as well as a pile of boxes. In the distance northeast of the portal there is a buoy, made of cardboard, numbered 3.

Floating boxes

On the left floating box, near the portal, is a pile of boxes and a zipline. This zipline connects to a floating box in the southeast with a trampoline on top of it. This trampoline bounces players to another box to the north, which has treasure chests with coins and a cannon that can be used to launch back onto the main platform.


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The following collectibles can be found here. Coins are also included.
Image Name Amount Respawn time
Coin CPI small
Coins 18 total; 8 plus 2 treasure chests with 5 per chest At midnight in PST

Daily Challenges

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The following zone-specific challenges can be completed here.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Zip It
RK quest icon
Solo Take 3 zipline rides 40 coins and 40 XP No
We're Not in the Cove Anymore
RH quest icon
Solo Visit the secret April Fools room 40 coins and 40 XP No


  • One of the photos Leedah takes in the eBook "Wish Upon a Squid" depicts this zone.
  • The number of question marks correspond to the number of letters in "Box Dimension".
  • Gary the Gadget Guy originally planned on naming the zone "The Corrugated Fiberboard Dimensional Space;" Rookie, however, suggested they name it "The Box Dimension." Gary agreed strongly.[2]
  • Rookie believed he had seen the dimension before in his dreams; Aunt Arctic told him it was all in his imagination.[2]
  • The new dimension helps to prove Gary's "multiverse theory."[2]


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Name Soundtrack
BoxDimension Default
CPI BoxDimension Default




Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese???????? ??? ???????
French???????? ?????????
Spanish????????? ????
German N/A
Russian N/A
Prior to the 1.10.2 update, the Portuguese name was the same as the English name.


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