10th Anniversary Item Calendar
10th Anniversary Item Calendar icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party 10th Anniversary Party
Where? Everywhere

The 10th Anniversary Item Calendar was a special interface for the 10th Anniversary Party. There was a new gift every day during the party, for a total of 21 items. All items could be obtained by all players.


Image Name Type Release date
Springy Santa Hat
Springy Santa Hat Head Item September 30
Marshmallow Stick Hand Item October 1
Swirly Glasses icon
Swirly Glasses Face Item October 2
Clothing Icons 5429
Cream Pie Hand Item October 3
Brown Pirate Boots Feet Item October 4
Pirate Bandanna clothing icon ID 1159
Pirate Bandanna Head Item October 5
Blue Puffle Hat
Blue Puffle Hat Head Item October 6
Lantern info ID 5009
Lantern Hand Item October 7
Ice Cream Apron
Ice Cream Apron Body Item October 8
Ice Skates Feet Item October 9
Primal Helmet Head Item October 10
Wizardly Hat clothing icon ID 1698
Wizardly Hat Head Item October 11
Pumpkin basket icon 0
Pumpkin Basket Hand Item October 12
Green Safari Hat clothing icon ID 1062
Green Safari Hat Head Item October 13
Yellow Duck
Inflatable Duck Body Item October 14
Santa Hat Head Item October 15
Tropical Smoothie Hand Item October 16
Blue Lei
Blue Lei Neck Item October 17
Music Jam Cap clothing icon ID 1266
Music Jam Cap Head Item October 18
Lavender Bunny Ears Head Item October 19
Candy Cane Hat
Candy Cane Hat Head Item October 20


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