Anniversary Party

The start screen during the event

When March 8 – April 1, 2018
Location Island Central
Characters Aunt Arctic

The Anniversary Party was an event in Club Penguin Island. It was first confirmed by Penny Pebbles on the Island News Blog.[1] The event began on March 8, 2018 when the 1.10 update was released and ended on April 1, 2018.


Image Reward Type
1st Year Party Hat CPI icon
1st Year Party Hat Hair & Hats Item
1st Year Shirt icon
1st Year Shirt Tops Item

Daily Challenges

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The following challenges are related to this event.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Happy 1st Anniversary!
RH quest icon
Solo Grab a slice of anniversary cake in Island Central 30 coins and 40 XP No
You Take the Cake
AA quest icon
Community As a community, eat 5,000 slices of cake 75 coins and 40 XP No
Thanks for a Great Year
DJ quest icon
Solo Wear the 1st Year Shirt at the park in Island Central 30 coins and 40 XP No


Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
Hello. Welcome to the very first Anniversary Party.
I’m so proud of what we’ve built this year.
We’ve created an exceptional community that cherishes kindness and fun.
Whether you’ve just arrived or you’ve been here since the beginning, your story is a part of this island.
So grab some cake and raise a slice to our first year.
May the next one be filled with new friends and new mysteries.
Happy Anniversary, Club Penguin Island!

Upon interaction

Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
What was your favorite addition to the island this year? It’s hard to choose.
I’m quite pleased with igloos. Rory has done a fine job with them.
I also enjoy party games a great deal. There’s nothing like a challenging battle of wits.
Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
Rainbow migrations are rare and spectacular events. It was wonderful to see one this year.
The Island Codex has information on unique phenomena like that.
We’ll have to study it closely to learn more mysteries about our island.
Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
I think I like this party more than the holidays. Especially as we don’t have to deal with Herbert P. Bear.
His attack during the holidays was inexcusable. Imagine, us leaving the island due to his threats. Hmph.
I know we haven’t seen the last of him. He wants this island very badly, but there are penguins ready to stop him.
Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
All of the party decorations for this party came from Crate Co. That company is rather curious.
This order was delivered according to plan, but they’ve also sent us dozens of empty boxes.
Perhaps we can use them to store everything when we pack up on April 1st.
Character Dialogue
Quest Communicator Aunt Arctic
Gary the Gadget Guy did admirably this Halloween.
Despite Island Central being haunted, he rallied teams to take out the ghosts and restore the island.
His research shows Halloween with always be a risky time, but that hasn’t discouraged him at all.


  • You Decide! polls were created for this event:
    • On January 4, 2018, to decide the color palette for the party.
      • The winning palette was option 2: yellow, blue, and magenta, which won with 52.5% of votes.[1]
    • On January 11, 2018, to decide two new colors that would be made available when the party begins.
      • The "Blue and Red" option won with 55.6% of votes.[2]
  • This was the only Anniversary Party to be celebrated in Club Penguin Island.


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