1st Year Party Hat
1st Year Party Hat CPI icon
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Available No
Type Head extras Item
Cost Free
ID 375
Internal name anniversary1Hat
Not to be confused with the item of the same name from Club Penguin.

The 1st Year Party Hat is a unique head extras item in Club Penguin Island. All players could obtain this item by logging in during the 1st Anniversary Party.


Obtained by Available from Available until
Log in during the 1st Anniversary Party March 8, 2018 April 1, 2018


  • This item has an unused description, which is "HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!"
  • Similar items are the Beta Hat and Finale Hat.
  • Prior to the 1.10.1 update, only members could wear this item. It was also a hair & hats item.
    • Additionally, before this change, it had the properties of a head extras item, meaning it could be worn with other hair & hats items, but not head extras items. It shared this trait with the Goodness Cretaceous and Pascal, which are still hair & hats items. The Crabby Eyes also formerly had this trait.

Names in other languages

PortugueseChapéu de Festa de 1º AniversárioFELIZ PRIMEIRO ANIVERSÁRIO
FrenchChapeau 1er anniversaireJOYEUX PREMIER ANNIVERSAIRE !
SpanishBonete del 1er aniversario¡¡FELIZ PRIMER ANIVERSARIO!!

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