2015 Advent Calendar
2015 Advent Calendar icon
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party None (Dec 2-16, 2015)
Holiday Party 2015 (Dec 16, 2015-Jan 6, 2016)
Where? Snow Forts
For the calendar from 2011, see here, and for the calendar from 2016, see here.

The 2015 Advent Calendar was a daily Advent Calendar styled interface, accessible throughout December 2015, and was located at the Snow Forts.


Image Item Type Release date Members only
Shortbread Costume icon Shortbread Costume Body Item December 2[1] Yes
Holiday Teddy Holiday Teddy Hand Item December 2 No
Purple Lightbulb Purple Lightbulb Head Item December 3 No
Clothing Icons 24002 Woodland Reindeer Costume Body Item December 4 Yes
Festive Chair Festive Chair Furniture December 5 No
Holiday Puffle Story icon Holiday Puffle Story Body Item December 6 Yes
The Jingle Bell The Jingle Bell Head Item December 7 No
The Gift icon The Gift Head Item December 8 Yes
Holly Jolly Couch Holly Jolly Couch Furniture December 9 No
Festive Socks clothing icon ID 6144 Festive Socks Feet Item December 10 Yes
Reindeer Antlers clothing icon ID 471 Reindeer Antlers Head Item December 11 No
The Holiday Express The Holiday Express Body Item December 12 Yes
Green Lightbulb Green Lightbulb Head Item December 13 No
Festive Sweater icon Festive Sweater Body Item December 14 Yes
Cp315 Holly Jolly Tree Furniture December 15 No
Blue Penguin Stuffie Costume icon Blue Penguin Stuffie Costume Body Item December 16 Yes
Red Mittens clothing icon ID 5195 Red Mittens Hand Item December 17 No
Clthing Icons 1325 Style 2013 The Claus Head Item December 18 Yes
HolidayWreath Holiday Wreath Furniture December 19 No
Gift Costume icon Gift Costume Body Item December 20 Yes
HotChocolateItem Hot Chocolate Hand Item December 21 No
The Sweet-Tooth Special The Sweet-tooth Special Body Item December 22 Yes
Clothing Icons 5393 Little Red Wagon Hand Item December 23 No
Reindeer Handler Uniform clothing icon ID 4764 Reindeer Handler Uniform Body Item December 24 Yes
Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo icon Deluxe Gingerbread House Igloo December 25 No






  1. As the calendar was released on December 2nd, this item was not available on the 1st.
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