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CPGD 50chips.png

Full Name 50chips
Species Penguin
Gender Unknown
Position Member of the Yellow Team
Appeared Club Penguin: Game Day!
Color Yellow
Clothes Items Yellow Face Paint, Yellow Hockey Jersey
Related To Unknown
Friends With Other members of the Yellow Team
Meetable Character? Yes (Club Penguin: Game Day!)

50chips is a member of the Yellow Team who appears in Club Penguin: Game Day!


  • I think we should yellow-ize the Dock first. Then we'll own both of the zones that border this gorgeous ocean.
  • Whoa! Team <color>'s really focused. Sensei must have trained you... I think there's gonna be some major <color> POWER today.


  • If you are on any team other than yellow, and play a game on Club Penguin: Game Day, 50chips will be the Yellow Team opponent (unless it is a blue vs red game).
  • A penguin named 50chips appeared in the Coins For Change 2009 Results video.[1]