Not to be confused with the AC 3000.
AC 1000
Games Q5 Items AC 1000
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Damaged by Herbert P. Bear in PSA Destruction
Located Gadget Room

The AC 1000 is a fan which can be found at the Gadget Room. It is an earlier version of the AC 3000, and was built by Gary.

It is used in Mission 5 to move a floating Jet Pack fuel at the Beacon. It sometimes appears in the Coffee Shop while there is a party.


  • The AC 1000 was located in the Gadget Room.
  • It was probably destroyed in the Popcorn Explosion.
  • There is a similar furniture item.
  • Despite its name, it is not an air conditioner.
  • There is an AC 1000 and an AC 3000, but so far there hasn't been proof of an AC 2000.
  • When clicking on it in missions apart from mission five the players penguin says "The prototype of the AC 3000. One of these would keep your igloo nice and cool".


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