A Wrench in the Works
Wrench in the works
Splash text Help the construction worker find his lost wrench.
Characters Construction worker, Coffee Shop Barista
Games played None
Elite Puffles used None

A Wrench in the Works is an optional side mission in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. During this mission, the player searches for a worker's lost wrench.

This side mission can be played during free play mode after completing the first main mission, Looking For Clues. It cannot be played during the time the Ski Hill is closed down, which occurs after completing Robotomy 101, until Robots on the Run is completed.

Clearing this mission and the fifth main mission, All's Weld That Ends Weld, allows Penguin at Work to be played.


At the Ski Village, a construction worker is searching through his tools, unable to find his wrench, which he needs to fix the chairlift. The player asks if he could use a jackhammer, but the worker replies that a jackhammer won't work. If the player accepts the side mission, it begins.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The player can ask the worker about his wrench. He says its silver and has his name on it, and that he always keeps it in his toolbox. He also says he has been moving around a lot throughout the day, having used the wrench at the Boiler Room, Clock Tower at the Snow Forts, and the Dock. He claims he checked those places, but did not find the wrench. If the player interacts with his thermos, the worker mentions he had it filled with coffee at the Coffee Shop that morning.

If the player goes there, they can interact with the barista, who mentions they brewed coffee for the worker that morning while he waited on the couch. The player can move the cushions of a couch in the room, eventually revealing a wrench. This can be taken back to the worker at the Ski Village, and given to him. He asks where it was, and after the player tells him, he is confused, but then realizes he opened his toolbox to get some coins. The player questions why he stores coins in his toolbox, and the worker replies he doesn't have pockets. He then thanks the player, and gives them a Safety Vest as a reward, and the mission is complete.

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