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Not to be confused with the Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt
Adventure Hunt

The Adventure Hunt

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The Adventure Hunt was a scavenger hunt during the Adventure Party. Players needed to find eight items to complete it.


In the Adventure Hunt, players had to find eight items, including the Grey Fish, a rainbow plant, a Turtle, blue flowers, a Whale, hanging purple plants, a Jellyfish and a Giant Pink Flower.

The prize for completing the scavenger hunt was the Adventure Party Background.


  • Item 1
    • Clue: Your adventure begins down below! Look out the window and say hello!
    • Item and room found: Grey Fish in the Cave
  • Item 2
    • Clue: By a Hay Shack is where this grows. Its flowers bloom like small rainbows!
    • Item and room found: Long, Tall Plant in the Cove
  • Item 3
    • Clue: Out at sea by two fancy boats. Next to a stone this small animal floats.
    • Item and room found: Turtle at the Dock
  • Item 4
    • Clue: Near forts of stone with one petal showing, is where you'll find these next ones growing.
    • Item and room found: Flowers at the Snow Forts
  • Item 5
    • Clue: Look out to sea for a gushing spray, on an off shore island where Penguins play.
    • Item and room found: Whale at the Iceberg
  • Item 6
    • Clue: This next plant grows in purple and green, above dirty dishes that need to be cleaned.
    • Item and room found: Exotic Flowers at the Plaza
  • Item 7
    • Clue: Off the coast in a wet disguise, just look for the place where the bubbles all rise.
    • Item and room found: Jellyfish at the Beach
  • Item 8
    • Clue: Just one more, and you've got them all. Look where the twin waterfalls fall.
    • Item and room found: Large Plant at the Forest
  • Claim Prize

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