Adventure Party
IAP Party.png

Members only? No
When June 12–16, 2009
Free Item(s) Non-member
Green Safari Hat, Adventure Party Background

Tropical Bird

Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) None

The Adventure Party was a party in Club Penguin. It ran from June 12, 2009, to June 16, 2009. The Party Room was the Tree House. The various plants in the party were gifts from Rockhopper.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
Green Safari Hat clothing icon ID 1062.png Green Safari Hat Plaza No
Clothing Icons 9030.png Adventure Party Background Completing the Scavenger Hunt No
Stuffed.png Tropical Bird Tree Forts Yes

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt was like the Easter Egg Hunts, but instead of colored eggs, players had to find plants and animals.

  • Creature 1
    • Clue: Your adventure begins down below! Look out the window and say hello!
    • Creature and room found: Grey Fish in the Underground Pool
  • Creature 2
    • Clue: By a Hay Shack is where this grows. Its flowers bloom like small rainbows!
    • Creature and room found: Tall Plant in the Cove
  • Creature 3
    • Clue: Out at sea by two fancy boats. Next to a stone this small animal floats.
    • Creature and room found: Turtle at the Dock
  • Creature 4
    • Clue: Near forts of stone with one petal showing, is where you'll find these next ones growing.
    • Creature and room found: Flowers at the Snow Forts
  • Creature 5
    • Clue: Look out to sea for a gushing spray, on an off shore island where Penguins play.
    • Creature and room found: Whale at the Iceberg
  • Creature 6
    • Clue: This next plant grows in purple and green, above dirty dishes that need to be cleaned.
    • Creature and room found: Exotic Flowers at the Plaza
  • Creature 7
    • Clue: Off the coast in a wet disguise, just look for the place where the bubbles all rise.
    • Creature and room found: Jellyfish at the Beach
  • Creature 8
    • Clue: Just one more, and you've got them all. Look where the twin waterfalls fall.
    • Creature and room found: Large Plant at the Forest
  • Claim Prize
    • Clue: You found them all! You are very wise, enjoy the award when you click Claim Prize.
    • Prize: Adventure Party Background


  • In the Forest, the flowers changed color to the color most worn by penguins in the room (for example: if the majority of penguins wore Light Blue, all the flowers would change to light blue).
  • The plants used in the party were put into storage in the Box Dimension after it ended.
  • This was the second party that was started by Rockhopper, the first being Fall Fair 2007.


Sneak Peeks

Adventure Party login screen 1.png
Adventure Party login screen 2.png
Cp adventure party.png


Adventure Party construction Beach.png
Adventure Party construction Beach 2.png
Adventure Party construction Cove.png
Adventure Party construction Crow's Nest.png
Adventure Party construction Dock.png
Adventure Party construction Forest.png
Adventure Party construction Migrator.png
Adventure Party construction Plaza.png
Adventure Party construction Ship Hold.png
Adventure Party construction Snow Forts.png
Adventure Party construction Town.png


Adventure Party Beach.png
Adventure Party Cove.png
Adventure Party Dock.png
Adventure Party Forest.png
Adventure Party Ice Rink.png
Adventure Party Iceberg.png
Adventure Party Mine.png
Adventure Party Night Club.png
Adventure Party Plaza.png
Adventure Party Snow Forts.png
Adventure Party Town.png
Adventure Party Tree Forts.png
Adventure Party Underground Pool.png

Forest alterations

The following are variants of the Forest. The colors of the plants changed color depending on what color the majority of penguins in the room were.
Adventure Party Forest Black.png
Adventure Party Forest Blue.png
Adventure Party Forest Brown.png
Adventure Party Forest Dark Green.png
Adventure Party Forest Purple.png
Adventure Party Forest Green.png
Adventure Party Forest Light Blue.png
Adventure Party Forest Lime Green.png
Adventure Party Forest Orange.png
Adventure Party Forest Peach.png
Adventure Party Forest Pink.png
Adventure Party Forest Yellow.png





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