Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit

Members only? No
When August 23, 2012 - September 5, 2012
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Rockhopper

The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit was a party that started on August 23, 2012 and ended on September 5, 2012. Rockhopper was meetable at this event. The island was decorated as a jungle paradise full of palm trees and fruit that Rockhopper brought back from "Innocent Island", and a mysterious temple made of fruit in the jungle waiting for its secrets to be unlocked. Another part of the story for this event was the so-called Cursed Volcano, in which penguins must throw fruit into to destroy it.

The Club Penguin Team partnered with children's smoothie company Innocent Smoothies to make it. The party provided the launch of a new in-world game inspired by the company, named Smoothie Smash, in which players can mix their own smoothies. There was a Temple of Fruit Catalog and a Fruit Scavenger Hunt.

Free items

Image Item Location Members only?
1441 icon Apple Headband Forest No
1443 icon Pineapple Headband Cove No
1442 icon Watermelon Headband Dock No
Grape Headband
Grape Headband Rockhopper's Rare Items No
9160 icon Rockhopper's Tropical Background By meeting Rockhopper No
9148 icon Yellow Kahuna Background Volcano Mouth No
9149 icon Red Kahuna Background Volcano Mouth No
Green Kahuna Background Icon Green Kahuna Background Volcano Mouth No
4667 icon Grape Bunch Costume Volcano Mouth No
Watermelon Costume icon Watermelon Costume Kahuna Kave Yes
Apple Costume Apple Costume Kahuna Kave Yes
4665 icon Pineapple Costume Kahuna Kave Yes


During the month of August 2012, Club Penguin Island was getting set up for its annual Adventure Party. Meanwhile, while Rockhopper was on one of his many voyages at sea, he discovered Innocent Island, an island filled with fruit galore. He also discovered an ancient monument, the Temple of Fruit. On the top of the temple was a tiki statue named Big-Big Kahuna. Rockhopper wanted to share his discovery with the penguins back in Club Penguin, so he put the Temple of Fruit on his ship and set sail. Boy, would this be a party!

On the voyage there, the Big-Big Kahuna tiki statue was getting hungry and angry. Rockhopper then considered it cursed. Knowing that his penguin friends would help him appease it, and that they could celebrate with an abundance of fruit after, he didn't turn back. Once he'd arrived, the island had already transformed into a tropical paradise. The Temple of Fruit was placed in the Snow Forts.

While only members could head into the temple in search of fruity treasure (once they had found the Sacred Fruit), all players could work together on the top of the temple to appease the tiki, which had now transformed into a giant volcano. The volcano was destroyed by throwing fruit into it. The tribes worked together and saved the island from possible destruction. As a reward for the efforts to defeat Big-Big Kahuna, Rory and other constructions penguins renovated and refurnished the Coffee Shop. This design became permanent, and some penguins disliked the change. There was also a new game, called Smoothie Smash. Rockhopper set sail soon after, returning the Temple of Fruit to its rightful place on Innocent Island.

Fruit Tribes

As soon as Rockhopper arrived on the island for the party, there was no time to spare. Fruit Tribes were assembled. Each had their own base on the island, and they threw the main fruit of their tribe into the Cursed Volcano in order to appease it. Though all the tribe were supposed to be friendly with one another, during the party penguins would roleplay, making alliances with other tribes and ambushing their so-called enemies.


The main fruit of the Red Tribe was an apple. Their base was at the Forest during the party.


The main fruit of the Yellow Tribe was a pineapple. Their base was at the Cove during the party.


The main fruit of the Green Tribe was a watermelon. Their base was at the Dock during the party.


The Purple Tribe had a very minor role at the party. They had no base. Items based on the tribe could be bought from Rockhopper's Rare Items. They did not have a special area to throw fruit at the Volcano Mouth. The main fruit of the Purple Tribe was a grape.


Disney UK Website

Avast! Our favorite pirate, Captain Rockhopper, has brought tons of fruit, new adventures and a hungry volcano idol to Club Penguin island.

Everyone can collect fruit to feed the volcano, and member penguins can set off on a scavenger hunt to find fruity new costumes.

At the end of week one, after working hard to appease the volcano’s hunger, the new Smoothie Smash game will be unlocked in the three fruit room areas. After the party it will take its place permanently in the Coffee Shop – giving penguins a healthy alternative to the Coffee Shop’s regular fare.


  • The Banana Peel Pin was still available at the very start of the party while Club Penguin was still updating.
  • When trying to get the four fruit-themed headbands at the beginning of the party, it refers to the hats as Undefined, and when you try to get them, it loads forever.
  • At the start of the party, you could get all the items from the Kahuna Kave.
  • In the Ancient Temple, if you trigger the watermelon trap then go to the door the watermelon will disappear.
  • Sometimes, it will not allow you to friend Rockhopper or get his background.
  • There is a glitch that says that Rockhopper is always offline. Up to now, this glitch has not been fixed. This glitch also applies to each and every Mascot and Special Guest.
  • Sometimes,the fruit is replaced by snowballs on the apple section of the volcano.
  • There was a glitch where the day after the release of the new Coffee Shop, when you try and enter the Ancient Temple or the top of the Volcano Mouth, it will come up with an error message saying: There was an error.



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