Agent Rookie's Secret Mission

The cover of the book.
Date released January 10, 2013
Unlocks items? Yes

Agent Rookie's Secret Mission is a Pick Your Path Book. It is the eighth in the Pick your Path series.


It starts out with you building a Snow Rockhopper, until Rookie bombards it with snowballs, thinking it was Herbert P. Bear. Jet Pack Guy comes and scolds Rookie for the mistake and then goes back to HQ. Rookie really wants to impress Jet Pack Guy for once, so he invites you to go on a secret mission with him to find the Golden Puffle, although you end up getting off track. You then get to pick your path with an abundant amount of endings, including defeating Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 in his attempt to take over EPF Command Room, getting trapped underground in the search for the Golden Puffle, uncovering Herbert's plot to ruin surfing for everyone and much, much more!


  • On page 34 it says, "CPT" instead of PST. (PST stands for Penguin Standard Time. CPT stands for Club Penguin Time.)
  • It has 80 pages.
  • On the cover, the old Everyday Phoning Facility is shown, although the book was released in January 2013.
  • If you pick the right path, the book mentions that you still have your Spy Phone.
  • If you flip all the pages super fast, the animation on the upper-left corner will be an EPF phone ringing, then showing a black figure that happens to be Rookie, and the bottom right hand corner is Rookie dancing.
  • If you pick another right path, it mentions you seeing a gold and round object on the other side of the creek, but it is hard to see with the sun in your eyes. Then it hops away, into the forest. You mention it could be the Golden Puffle, but you'll never know for sure.


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