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Agents in the Coffee Shop
Agents in the Coffee Shop
Length 00:22
Publish date June 22, 2015

The Agents in the Coffee Shop is an animated video by Club Penguin. It was released to promote the return of the PSA Secret Missions as EPF training missions in the game.

Episode Description

After the Club Penguin logo is shown, the short begins, showing two penguins chatting in the Coffee Shop as one of them serves coffee to the other. Suddenly the room starts rumbling, and as the two penguins look in surprise the camera turns to reveal Herbert's shadow appearing on the Coffee Shop's window. The camera turns back to reveal the penguins in the room as EPF agents, who then put on their equipment. The camera zooms in on one agent's face, which transitions to the EPF logo, and then a screen promoting the training missions as the short ends.



  • Megg has a cameo at the beginning of this short, where she is seen walking past the two penguins.

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