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Muppets World Tour Airport.png

Where Plaza
Opened March 20, 2014
Closed April 2, 2014
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
This is the airport with flights going all over the world. Board through the bottom gate, or board through the top gate to fly on a CP Airlines flight.

The Airport was a party room at the Muppets World Tour. It was decorated like an international airport, complete with metal detectors, a restaurant, and a baggage claim section.

From there, players could enter the CP Airliner igloos that were bought by member penguins, or go into the country-themed rooms of the island by using a gate that would constantly change its destination, sending penguins to the room it indicated in the departures board, which could be either Spain (Snow Forts), Russia (Ski Village), India (Ice Rink), Brazil (Cove), Germany (Forest), the UK (Town Center), Mexico (Dock) or France (Beach).

The order of the departures of flights going to countries were "Mexico, Germany, England, Spain, France, India, Russia, and Brazil" respectively, with each flight leaving every minute.

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