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Alien Puffles
Green Alien Puffle.png

Available No
Attitude Brave
Member only Yes (except for green; Operation: Crustacean only)
Favorite toys N/A
Play action N/A
Dance Jumps up and down
Tongue color Various
Speed N/A
Special features None
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID green1024, orange1025, yellow1026, purple1027

Alien Puffles are Puffle Creatures in Club Penguin. Players were able to adopt them from November 18, 2015, during Operation: Crustacean, until February 3, 2016. All players could adopt the green variant whereas members could adopt the green, orange, yellow, and purple variants. They were available once again for adoption during the Puffle Party 2016, but only members could adopt them, including the green ones.


The color of the puffle can either be greenish aqua (green), dandelion (yellow), bluish purple (purple), or slightly pale orange (orange). Compared to the base color, they have a light underbelly and two dark stripes on the back.

Like every other puffle, they have hair-like growths on top of their bodies, but unlike their terrestrial counterparts, alien puffles have a single anglerfish-like antenna that glows yellow (pink if purple puffle) and seems to grant them the ability of teleportation.

The mouth is beak-like and consists of two upper fangs and a forked tongue. The color is maroon with an orange tongue for green puffles, purple with a light blue tongue for yellow puffles, dark blue with a greenish yellow tongue for purple puffles, and red with a lime tongue for orange puffles.

Their face only has one egg-shaped eye that is yellow (green if orange puffle) with a red iris and black pupil. The eyelid is teal for green puffles, dark yellow for yellow puffles, indigo for purple puffles, and dark orange for orange puffles.


Orange Alien Puffle

Yellow Alien Puffle

Purple Alien Puffle

Green Alien Puffle