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Alumni Jacket
Alumni Jacket icon.png
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Available No
Type Body Item
Member item Yes
Party Club Penguin Island Party
Waddle On Party
Cost Free
Where found Club Penguin Island Party interface
Item ID 24414, 24416–24425
Unlockable No

The Alumni Jacket was a body item in Club Penguin. Members could obtain it for free during the Club Penguin Island Party and Waddle On Party.


Party Where found Available from Available until
Club Penguin Island Party Club Penguin Island Party interface January 4, 2017 January 31, 2017
Waddle On Party Town January 31, 2017 March 30, 2017


  • Players could receive the Alumni Jacket in Club Penguin Island by pre-registering to the game with their old Club Penguin nicknames.
  • The number on the back of the jacket showed how many years the wearer's account has been active, at the time of obtaining the jacket. For instance, a player with an account that is 2000 days old received the 5 year variant. As there is no 0 variant, players who joined less than a year prior to obtaining the jacket received the 1 variant.


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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Casaco de Aluno
French La Veste d'Ancien Élève
Spanish Chaqueta de graduado
German N/A
Russian N/A

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