Amazement Park
Amazement Park 2015

Where East of the Dock
Opened February 20, 2014
May 21, 2015
Closed March 4, 2014
June 11, 2015
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Room ID Various
Tour Description

The Amazement Park was the park where most of The Fair 2014 and The Fair 2015 took place. At The Fair 2014, it was home to the three themes of the party: outer space, the Wild West, and pirates and consisted of three main rooms and their attractions, namely Tumbleweed Town, Galaxy Park and Pirate Park. At The Fair 2015, it became home to one more theme called the Ye Olde Castle, which was a Medieval area.


The Amazement Park had a wide range of attractions in each of its sections, that included a rollercoaster, a Ferris wheel, two target-shooting games, (Marooned Lagoon and Bullseye) a boat-bumping game, a roulette that could be spun daily (The Daily Spin) and even a virtual reality simulator called Virtual World. Furthermore, the Amazement Park housed every other Fair-only game that was ever available in Club Penguin, almost all redesigned and matching the look and vibe of the parks that they appeared in, and a party catalog with many new items. The credit of building the park was given to Rookie, who was also the mascot of the party that the park debuted in. The carnival was also used by the Penguin Band as a stage, housing performances of Anchors Aweigh every ten minutes.


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