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Amazing Maze
CPEPFHR Amazing Maze Title Screen.png

The game menu.
Players 1
Controls D-Pad, A Button, B-Button
Minigame location Anywhere
Date released North America: May 25, 2010,
Europe: June 17, 2010 (UK and Australia)
For the PSA medal, click here. For other uses, see Maze.

Amazing Maze is a mini-game in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. The objective of each level is to navigate through a maze to the endpoint within a time limit.

How to play

The goal of the game is to reach the endpoint of the maze. Coins in increments of both 1 and 10 are able to be collected along the way, as well as clocks, which increase your time limit. Mechanical barrels and floating tree stumps serve as obstacles, and if you come into contact with them, you will be stunned for five seconds. However, you will be invincible for five more seconds, allowing you to move freely. Levels also contain colored switches, which open colored doors when activated with the A button. Most doors permanently stay open, although some automatically close after a certain amount of time. A few levels also contain patches of ice which you can slide across, but only in a straight line.

Some levels contain Elite Puffles whose skills can help you traverse the mazes. To take an Elite Puffle, press A while next to them, and press B to use their ability. Blast can break crates, Chirp can shatter blocks of ice, and Chill can freeze water so you can slide across. However, you can only have one Elite Puffle with you at a time.

There are a total of eight levels, three of which are bonuses. Completing a level with a certain amount of coins or higher will give you a medal. If you collect at least one medal from every level, you will obtain a trophy.


Number Total coins Gold requirement Silver requirement Mission
Level 1 78 60 30 Mysterious Tremors
Level 2 178 140 70 Spy & Seek
Level 3 109 85 40 Veggie Villain (1)
Level 4 182 145 70 Veggie Villain (2)
Level 5 148 115 55 Herbert's Plan
Bonus 1 138 110 55 N/A
Bonus 2 235 185 90 N/A
Bonus 3 206 165 80 N/A


  • If the player does not move their penguin for a while, it will pull out a map and start looking around.


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