Amy Thiessen

Full Name Amy Thiessen
Born November 13[1]
Position Content Writer, Remote Senior Guest Support Representative
Joined the team October 2014
Left the team March 2019
Penguin Name Amykim
Polka dot hair for the win!
— Amykim in Waddle Down Memory Lane (Part 1)

Amykim (real name Amy Thiessen[2]) is a remote content writer, Senior Guest Support Representative[3] and moderator for Club Penguin Island.


  • Her and Joe were hired in the same group.
  • Her mom also played Club Penguin Island. Her penguin name was Momber.
  • She was the help site writer for Club Penguin Island and is also a writer on the Disney help site.
  • She appeared in part one of Waddle Down Memory Lane.
  • She used to have four other usernames in Club Penguin, three of which were Baleon, JonesLeCat, and DarthWeasley.[4]




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