Amy Thiessen

Full Name Amy Thiessen
Born November 13[1]
Position Content Writer, Senior Guest Support Representative, Moderator
Joined the team October 2014
Left the team March 2019
Penguin Name Amykim
Polka dot hair for the win!
— Amykim in Waddle Down Memory Lane (Part 1)

Amykim (real name Amy Thiessen[2]) was a remote Content Writer, Senior Guest Support Representative[3], and moderator for Club Penguin Island. She was one of the few remaining folks remaining after Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island had closed as she worked on other products as well.

Amy left Disney in March 2019 and became a Community Manager with Xbox for Gears of War. She currently works for Oooh, a company co-founded and largely comprised by other former Club Penguin staff[4], such as FrostyApten and HealthyChoices.


  • Her and Joe were hired in the same group.
  • Her mom also played Club Penguin Island. Her penguin name was Momber.
  • She was the help site writer for Club Penguin Island and was also a writer on the Disney help site for other Disney games and apps.
  • She appeared in part one of Waddle Down Memory Lane.
  • She used to have four other usernames in Club Penguin, three of which were Baleon, JonesLeCat, and DarthWeasley.[5]




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