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Ancient Temple
Adventure Party Temple of Fruit Ancient Temple.png

Where Temple of Fruit
Opened August 23, 2012
Closed September 5, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Watch your step! This is the Ancient Temple of BIG BIG KAHUNA... a place wrought with peril and dangers! Keep an eye out for booby traps... and don't get lost in the darkness!

The Ancient Temple was a members-only party room during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, that made up part of the Temple of Fruit. Each section of the room had a different obstacle. While the player was in a section, all other sections would be pitch-black and could not be viewed.


First section

The first section, a small hallway, had puffle statues on either side. Walking in front of them caused them to shoot out large seeds, although this would not hinder the player and could simply be walked past.

Second section

The second section, a walkway over a chasm, had many tiles on the ground, and a cage suspended from the ceiling. Most of the tiles displayed fruit, but three displayed vegetables instead (a carrot, a radish, and corn). Walking on one of these three tiles would cause the cage to drop on the player, blocking them from moving. After a few seconds the cage would rise and the player would be freed.

Third section

The third section, an open room, had multiple small platforms, each with targets and fire pits. Throwing a snowball at one of these targets caused the fire pit ahead of it to light up and the one behind it to be put out, causing the area behind the player to become darker. After all targets were hit with snowballs, all fire pits would be lit and the room would be fully lit up.

Fourth section

The fourth section was a tunnel. At the top end, there was a giant watermelon. Once the player walked on a strip of the floor in the middle of the tunnel, the watermelon would start to roll down, and eventually crash into the wall at the end and break apart. However, the player did not have to outrun the watermelon, as it provides no hindrance to the player. At the end of the tunnel was the entrance to the Kahuna Kave. Reaching this room caused the player to earn the Stunt Penguin stamp.


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