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The Anvil Pin.

Anvils are objects that appear in the game Bean Counters being thrown out of the truck. If you are hit by one, you will lose a life. They also appear in Jet Pack Adventure tied to blue balloons, and in Puffle Launch tied to balloons.


File:Rink Medieval.png

An anvil as seen in the Stadium during the Medieval Party 2013

A comic with anvils


  • The Heavy Hat appears to be an anvil. It's unknown how a penguin can support the weight, considering when hit by an anvil in Bean Counters, the player loses a life.
  • Balloons can carry anvils, strangely, as seen at the Underwater Expedition 2012 and in Jet Pack Adventure.
  • In the real world, Anvils are mostly used when forming super-heated iron and/or metal (Like horse-shoes in the old way).
  • The Cloud Maker 3000 creates a Cloud Anvil every now and then. Though it is a cloud, it doesn't float for very long, as it will just fall to the ground like any other anvil in a matter of seconds.


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