Anvils appear in the game Bean Counters, being thrown out of the truck. If you are hit by one, you lose a life.

Anvils also appear in Jet Pack Adventure tied to blue balloons.


  • You used to be able to get the anvil pin for 2 weeks in the Boiler Room.
  • Anvils appear in some parties.
  • There is a contraption called the Anvil Maker 3000 which makes Anvils.
  • During the Medieval Party 2009, there were Anvils at the Dock.
  • If you wear a blacksmith apron and start dancing, you'll start hitting an anvil.
  • There is a comic on, and its name is Anvil Counters, which is about anvils being thrown out in the game Bean Counters, and another comic called "No Anvils??", which is about a penguin complaining to a barista of the Coffee Shop about having no anvils to go with his coffee.


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