Anvils that appear in the game Bean Counters, being thrown out of the truck. If you are hit by one, you lose a life. They also appear in Jet Pack Adventure tied to blue balloons.


  • You used to be able to get the anvil pin for two weeks in the Boiler Room with the Pin Maker 3000".
  • Anvils appear in some parties.
  • There is a contraption called the Anvil Maker 3000 which makes Anvils.
  • During the Medieval Party 2009, there were Anvils placed at the Dock.
  • If you wear a blacksmith apron and start dancing, you'll start hitting an anvil.
  • There is a comic on this page in the Club Penguin website, and its name is Anvil Counters, which is about anvils being thrown out in the game Bean Counters. Anvils are mentioned in another comic called "No Anvils??", which is about a penguin complaining to a barista of the Coffee Shop about having no anvils to go with his coffee.
  • The item ID for the anvil pin is 611.


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