Anvils are objects that appear in the game, Bean Counters, being thrown out of the truck. If you are hit by one, you will lose a life. They also appear in Jet Pack Adventure tied to blue balloons. They also appear in Puffle Launch tied to balloons.

Anvil Pin

The Anvil Pin.



Anvils at the Beach during the Underwater Expedition.


  • The Heavy Hat appears to be an anvil. It's unknown how a penguin can support the weight, considering when hit by an anvil in Bean Counters, players lose a life.
  • Balloons can carry anvils, strangely, as seen at the Underwater Expedition 2012 and in Jet Pack Adventure.
  • In the real world, Anvils are mostly used when forming super-heated iron and/metal (Like horse-shoes in the old way).
  • The Cloud Maker 3000 creates a Cloud Anvil every now and then. Though it is a cloud, it doesn't float for very long, as it will just fall to the ground like any other anvil in a matter of seconds.

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