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April Fools' Party 2009
April Fools' Parties logo

Members only? No
When April 1–6, 2009
Free Item(s) Blue Propeller Cap
Location Everywhere
Mascot(s) None

The April Fools' Party 2009 was the fourth annual April Fools' Party in Club Penguin. It started on the 1st of April and ended on the 6th of April. Two new party rooms were added; the Box Dimension and the Box Store, where some boxes were available for members to buy. The free item was the Blue Propeller Cap, which had returned from the April Fools' Party 2007.

Club Penguin Times came out wacky like every year. For the April Fool's Day 2009's, there was Aunt Arctic with a mustache and Gary's glasses were painted with eyes.

There were clues to where the portal boxes would warp you to. For example, in the Coffee Shop, there was a Jet pack next to the portal, and the portal brought you to the Beacon.

Free items[]

Image Item Location Members only?
Blue Propeller Cap Blue Propeller Cap Mine No



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