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Aqua Rescue!
CPEPFHR Aqua Rescue Title Screen.png

The game menu
Players 1
Controls Touch Screen
Minigame location Club Penguin in Herbert's Revenge
Date released NAMap.png: May 25, 2010
EUFlag.png: June 17, 2010 (UK and Australia)
For the mini-game on the Iceberg in Club Penguin, see Aqua Grabber.

Aqua Rescue! is a mini-game in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. The objective of the game is to launch life rings at ice spikes under the island to lift it.

How to play

The goal of the game is to raise the island with life rings, which can be flung using the stylus on the touch screen. Coins and extra life rings are also floating in the water, which can be collected by flinging life rings at them. Puffer fish and eels swim around in the water, and if your life ring comes into contact with them, it will pop and be lost. Hooks will also be floating in the water, and if hit with your life ring, the screen will stop for a few seconds, allowing you to easily collect bonuses.

You are able to use a miniature inflatable whale and octopus to assist you through the level. Using the whale will scare off all enemies on the screen, and using the octopus will collect all coins and extra life rings on the screen. After using one however, it will require ten seconds to recharge they can be used again.

There are a total of four levels, three of which are bonuses. Completing a level with a certain amount of coins or higher will give you a medal. If you collect at least one medal from every level, you will obtain a trophy.


Number Gold requirement Silver requirement Mission
Level 1 90 45 The Ultimate Mission
Bonus 1 100 50 N/A
Bonus 2 100 50 N/A
Bonus 3 100 50 N/A


  • The mini inflatable whale and octopus seem to be much smaller versions of the Mega Whale and Octi.
  • If you launch two life rings on a large ice spike, you will earn ten coins as a bonus.
  • Bonus levels 2 and 3 appear to take place in Soda Seas, as the water is purple, and the algae are yellow and green colored.
  • This game has the fewest levels out of all mini-games in Herbert's Revenge, as the other three games each have five normal levels, while Aqua Rescue has only one normal level. All four games have three bonus levels each, however.


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