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Aunt Arctic
Aunt Arctic Main Pose 2015
Full Name Aunt Arctic
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Editor-in-chief of the Club Penguin Times
The Director of the Elite Penguin Force and the PSA
Appeared See Appearances
Color Green
Clothes Items Aunt Arctic's Hat, Aunt Arctic's Glasses, Fuzzy Wrist Bands, Aunt Arctic's Shirt, Black Tie
Related To Unknown
Friends With Gary the Gadget Guy, PH, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, Sensei, Rockhopper, Cadence, Kermit the Frog
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Club Penguin's finance woman, name unknown (Operation: Blackout final video), Cristina Puccelli (Club Penguin: Halloween Panic!)
For her agent alias, see The Director of The EPF. For her Club Penguin Island counterpart, see Aunt Arctic (CPI).
I started writing for the Club Penguin Times in May 2006. I remember it as if it were yesterday!
— Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic, also known by her EPF codename and title, The Director, is a famous news reporter and the editor in chief of the Club Penguin Times. In addition to the informative roles that come with being a news reporter, Aunt Arctic offers her services to the Elite Penguin Force to organize and plan operations so that they, with their efforts combined, can protect the island from threats like Herbert P. Bear.

Ask Aunt Arctic[]

Ask Aunt Arctic is Aunt Arctic's advice column located on the lower right-hand side of the Club Penguin Times. The column answers many questions submitted by penguins with names crafted in relevancy to the question. On special occasions, Aunt Arctic will allow other famous penguins to "host" her column by changing it to "Ask [insert character name here]". Some examples of this are "Ask Rockhopper",[1][2] "Ask Sensei",[3][4] and "Ask Gary".[5]

Appearances in PSA Missions and Operations[]

Aunt Arctic is a key character in Penguin Secret Agency Mission PSA Mission 1: Case Of The Missing Puffles and one of the figureheads of mission 10, mission 11, and Operation: Blackout.

Case Of The Missing Puffles[]

Main article: PSA Mission 1: Case Of The Missing Puffles

In case of the missing puffles, two of Aunt Arctic's puffles have gone missing. In an effort to find them, she employs the help of a newly recruited agent to track down and return them to her home. The agent asks her multiple questions to detail what happened to her puffles. Eventually, the agent leaves and, once the agent eventually does return the puffles to her, she thanks them.[6]

Waddle Squad[]

Main article: PSA Mission 10: Waddle Squad

While not visibly appearing in the mission, Aunt Arctic, now disguised as "The Director" briefs the members of the "waddle squad" on their mission to capture Herbert P. Bear. After Rookie's outburst that revealed the PSA's possession of the "Golden Puffle", The Director appeared on a screen before proceeding to greet the agents and give them the overview of the plan.[7][8]

Operation: Blackout[]

The Director was the figurehead and operation leader for Operation: Blackout. First she briefed the agents on the situation, saying that "Herbert had began stealing the sun" and without it they "would all freeze." She proceeded to guide the penguin through a majority of Herbert's security systems; giving them useful items such as the Herbert Costume to bypass cameras and other optical based defences.[9][10]

Despite her efforts, however, she was eventually captured by Herbert and his crab army. However, thanks to her guidance prior, the player eventually freed her along with other members of the Elite Penguin Force. After the smoke from the explosion cleared, The Director revealed herself to be Aunt Arctic before moving to the HQ.[9][11]

Aunt Arctic sprite

Aunt Arctic's in-game sprite.


Aunt Arctic is a green penguin with cat-eye glasses and freckles on each cheek. Resting on the side of her face, near her glasses, is a pencil (presumably for easy note-taking). She wears a Pink Toque on her head, and while she originally wore nothing on her body, her outfit was later updated to include a white shirt and pink sweater vest.

Official Description[]

"Whether you're writing the news, or making the news, always do your best."

Aunt Arctic is the Chief Editor and advice columnist for the Club Penguin Times. Every week she answers questions sent to her by penguins from around the island.

Favorite snack: Tea and scones

Favorite games: Mancala and Find Four

Why you should meet her: To tell her a story about your adventures in Club Penguin

Where you might find her: In the Coffee Shop or the Club Penguin Times Office

Random facts:

  • She has an entire wardrobe full of pink beanies
  • She first started writing for the newspaper in May 2006
  • She loves trivia, and getting the scoop on the island's parties and events

How to write to Aunt Arctic: To send Aunt Arctic a question, or to help contribute to the newspaper by submitting your jokes or riddles, go to the back page of the newspaper.


Aunt Arctic is optimistic and organized, and tries to make the best out of any situation. She can become friends with almost any penguin. She enjoys her puffles and loves her job at the Club Penguin Times. She is also very smart and helpful through her advice column in the newspaper. As the Director of the EPF, she is very serious, secretive, and well coordinated.


In missions[]

At parties[]

Club Penguin Times Column[]

Since she first appeared, she had a column in the Club Penguin Times, answering questions by players. She also used this medium to express her personal opinions and her background. There are many interesting things she has stated while answering questions:

  • Aunt Arctic's favorite season was winter.
  • Aunt Arctic stated her igloo was very messy, but during Mission 1, it was very tidy.
  • Aunt Arctic had asserted that an official Uncle Arctic does not exist.
  • Aunt Arctic stated in a Club Penguin Times issue telling everybody to say "Grub!" at the Penguin Play Awards 2009. She later revealed that this was an April Fool's prank.
  • Aunt Arctic's favorite parties were the Winter Fiesta 2007 and the Fall Fair 2007.
  • Aunt Arctic organized the Easter Egg Hunt 2007.
  • Aunt Arctic's igloo was like an office with some couches with puffles.
  • Aunt Arctic had 5 puffles.

Elite Penguin Force[]

Main article: The Director of The EPF

Aunt Arctic is the Director of the EPF. After keeping her secret identity hidden for so long, she finally reveals it once you complete all 6 steps of Operation: Blackout.

In the past, it was believed that many other penguins, such as Unknown Band member and Rory were the Director. This has finally been proven false after Operation: Blackout.

The Director has worked for many agencies such as Penguin Secret Agency, Elite Penguin Force and Elite Penguin Force Resistance. The EPF Resistance was a co agency to the EPF which has been opened due to Herbert destroying the EPF Command during Operation: Blackout. It closed after Operation: Blackout.

The Director has also been involved in missions such as Operation: Hibernation, Operation: Spy & Seek, Operation: Blackout, Battle of Doom and many more.

Director headshot

The Director

Appearances as The Director[]


Aunt Arctic's igloo during Case of the Missing Puffles

Her igloo during Case of the Missing Puffles

Aunt Arctic owns five puffles, as stated by her in Club Penguin Times. They are:

She has also been seen with other unnamed puffles that she might own. They are:


Main article: Aunt Arctic/Quotes.

Aunt Arctic has many quotes, most of them being from her many visits to the island. As the Director, Aunt Arctic has many quotes from secret missions, System Defender, and DS games. This is a compilation of most of her quotes.

Famous Penguins References[]

  • "Yes, I know Rockhopper."
Gary the Gadget Guy
  • "I am very good friends with Gary!"
The Director of The EPF
  • "Director? ....... I do not think I've heard of him."
  • "The Director? No comment."
  • "Yes. I am good friends with Sensei! He has also trained me to be a ninja."
  • "It's true that I have been training with Sensei for many years now. And I must say I quite enjoy it."
  • "CeCe? Yes I know CeCe. She is very good friends with Cadence!"
  • "Yes, I know Rookie, he's very funny!"

Relationships to other characters[]


Aunt Arctic is good friends with Rockhopper, saying on multiple occasions on their relationship. In the past she has let him take over her column in The Penguin Times.


Once again, Aunt Arctic is an extremely close friend to Gary, and also his boss (being the Director of the EPF, Gary's work place). If you ask Aunt Arctic if she is in love with Gary, she will say "No we are just friends".


Aunt Arctic is known to be an acquaintance to Sensei; in 2013 she visited the Dojo to learn Card-Jitsu from him. Beside that, she was good friends with him as she, too, let him use her column in The Penguin Times during Card-Jitsu parties.


  • It was confirmed that Aunt Arctic is British by Businesmoose.
  • Aunt Arctic is one of the three penguins in Club Penguin who has freckles. The other two are PH and Anna.
  • Aunt Arctic was training to be a ninja in November 2011 during the Card-Jitsu Party.
  • In the Club Penguin Magazine Issue #1, she said her favorite parties were the Holiday Parties, however, she mentioned in the Club Penguin Times that her favorite parties were the Winter Fiesta 2007 and the Fall Fair 2007.
  • In the Club Penguin Official Annual 2011, she said Gary the Gadget Guy is her best friend.
  • Her igloo can be seen in PSA Mission 1: Case Of The Missing Puffles.
  • She has her own power card in Card-Jitsu where she appears along with a printer, possible one of these she uses when working in the Club Penguin Times.
  • As of January 31, 2013, Aunt Arctic has five puffles. Their names are Cornelius, a green puffle, EleanorMae, a blue puffle, Agent, a pink puffle, Scone, a purple puffle and Herbert, a black puffle.
  • She was promoted to editor-in-chief on April 3, 2008.[12] Prior to then, she only answered questions in the "Ask Aunt Arctic" section.
  • She has an office in her igloo, and in the Book Room.
  • She is the first famous penguin to have a known igloo, the second being Rockhopper with his melted igloo.
  • She was spotted on the French Server Yeti on June 20, 2013 in the Book Room, and on the Server Abominable, in the Town. This was for the release of Puffle Digging.
  • In Ask Aunt Arctic, she uses fake penguin names that are related to the question.
  • She also appeared in Smoothie Smash. Her recipe is: Strawberry, Peach, Fig, Raspberry, Grapes, Green Apple, Blackberry.
  • She appeared on Portuguese servers on October 4 for the 5th anniversary of Club Penguin in Portuguese.
  • Herbert's main reasoning for his plot during Operation: Blackout was to find out the identity of The Director, which he successfully accomplished.
  • Aunt Arctic was voiced by Club Penguin's finance woman.[13]
  • Her name could be a pun of "Antarctic". Antarctica is where penguins live.
  • Her favorite sport is soccer. She used to play on a team, but she later discovered that she likes reporting about the games more.
  • Her favorite games are Find Four and Mancala.
  • Sam the Sasquatch called her "glasses lady" during an interview.
  • Aunt Arctic is left handed (or "left-flippered").[14]
  • She is scared of bad spelling.
  • According to her Top Trump Card, she once crashed a jet pack to see if she would earn a stamp.


Main article: Aunt Arctic/Gallery

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Tia Arctic
French Tante Arctic
Spanish Tía Arctic
German Tante Arctic
Russian Тётушка Арктика


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