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Awesome to be Rare
Artist Glitterpants
Released December 4, 2014
April 8, 2015 (Russian)
Genre Pop, Ballad
Runtime 1:57

Awesome to be Rare is a song sung by Glitterpants the Yellow Unicorn Puffle. It was released on December 4, 2014. Polo Field confirmed the song via the What's New Blog.[1]


Myths say, my tears heal wounds
I'll save you from a fall
That I can't be caught,
And no, I'm not a narwhal!
So it is finally time for my closeup
Um, did you know I can freeze time?
A unicorn is better than a unibrow,
Yeah, I'm pretty sublime!
And here's my debut, debut (debut, debut!)
I will amaze you, amaze you (amaze you, amaze you!)
I'm a powerhouse of match three love
It's awesome to be rare (awesome to be rare)
And here's my debut! Look how grand I'm adorned
I'm a wild puffle unicorn; let's talk about my horn
It's stronger than steel
More gorgeous than gems!
Who's the rarest of them all?
I'm sure we'll be good friends!
So here I am on a platform
Take a picture if you dare!
I'm all about frou-frou!
Let's talk about my hair
Made of pure rainbow sheen!
I can't help it, don't be jealous!
It's the unicorn geneee!
(and here's his debut, debut) I'm amazing!
(and he'll amaze you, amaze you) I'm gorgeous!
I'm so mythical, please don't stare
It's awesome to be rare (awesome to be rare)
(his debut, debut) You tell 'em, guys!
(and he'll amaze you, amaze you) Neigh!
I'm a powerhouse of match three love;
It's awesome to be raaaareeee! (awesome to be rare)
Ah! It's awesome to be rare. Neigh!



  • The song was made to promote the app Puffle Wild.
  • Sam the Sasquatch makes a cameo appearance, seen wandering through The Wilds.
  • A Blue Crystal Puffle-like object can be seen on a piano in Glitterpants's house.
  • Russian version was shown on Disney Channel Russia around two weeks before it was uploaded on Youtube.
  • This song was the last one to be translated into Russian.


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