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Balloon Pop
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Bonus Games Room (2008–2012)
Tumbleweed Town (2014–2015)
Date released Fall Fair 2008
The Fair 2009
The Fair 2010
The Fair 2011
The Fair 2012
The Fair 2014
The Fair 2015

Balloon Pop was a minigame in Club Penguin. It had been one of The Fair games since the Fall Fair 2008, and allowed earning tickets. It could be found in the Bonus Games Room at the Snow Forts.

It was originally a members-only game, and was available to all players since The Fair 2009.

How to Play[]

The game was played on a vertical zone, where cacti could be found on the walls, a trampoline was placed at the bottom, and a net blocked the top game area. Balloons in different colors with targets on them dropped from the top side of the game. The player used a fan to control a small hot air balloon that had a Blue Puffle inside its basket. The objective of the game was to push the balloons to the cacti using the hot air balloon to pop them and collect the tickets that they dropped. Hitting the cacti with the hot air balloon resulted in losing a life, and the game ended when all lives were lost. Clicking the screen made the fan blow more air.

After playing for some time, huge targets would appear (you needed about 400 tickets). After playing and obtaining 2,800–3,000 tickets, you could get even bigger targets. If you lost all the lives without popping any targets, it said: "Nice Try".


The score was calculated according to the following formula:


  • c was the number of collected tickets in the game.
  • r was the highest number of tickets collected in a row.
  • s was the final amount of tickets obtained.


  • You could play with your puffle if you brought it to the game.
  • At The Fair 2014, the maximum amount of tickets you could earn, per move, was 2,000 tickets. If you passed this limit, you would not earn more than that amount.
  • Every popped balloon had a chance of dropping a spare balloon of varying colors that could be collected for an extra life.
  • Unused Cactus, Anvil, and Air Conditioner sprites can be found in the game's files, seeming to be obstacles that were unused in the final game.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Estoura Balão
French Gare aux Cactus
Spanish Aeropuffle
German Ballonschießen
Russian Лопни шарик

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