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Bambadee book
Full Name Bambadee
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Stowaway on the Migrator
Appeared Rockhopper and the Stowaway
A Penguin Christmas Carol
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items Friendship Bracelet
Related To Unknown
Friends With Rockhopper
Aunt Arctic
Meetable Character? No

Bambadee was a penguin that was a stowaway on The Migrator in March 2007, who boarded just after Rockhopper left Club Penguin Island. Bambadee wore a striped Friendship Bracelet which he made himself, which was later released as a free item in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway, a book that chronicled his time as a stowaway.


  • Bambadee starred in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway, written by Rockhopper. After being made fun of and being teased due to his name, he decided to stowaway on The Migrator in March 2007, and planned to get off the ship once Rockhopper docked on an island and leave quietly, to leave Club Penguin behind forever. However, Rockhopper reassured him, saying that not only would Bambadee be missed, but that he and Yarr were Bambadee's friends. Rockhopper returns Bambadee to Club Penguin by sailing close to the island and dropping him off before anyone could notice, and by the time Rockhopper returned in April, the penguins that made fun of Bambadee apologized, mentioning they were jealous of his bracelet, allowing them all to become real friends.
  • In issue #78 of The Penguin Times, he gives an interview about Rockhopper's plans. A few weeks prior to the interview, during the trip where Bambadee stowed away, he spoke with Rockhopper about what the captain was planning. Rockhopper told Bambadee that he was planning to return in April, and was going to work on renovating part of his ship so that more penguins could enter. Rockhopper remarked that there would be "less clutter and less room for hopeful stowaways to hide".
  • In issue #149 of the Club Penguin Times, he is shown in the "Waddle Down Memory Lane" section. He reminisces about old parties, his favorite being the Pirate Party. In issue #150, a continuation of the Waddle Down Memory Lane, he was mentioned in a tour as being the only penguin to stowaway on The Migrator. A comment from Bambadee is included, where he mentions he made many friends because of Rockhopper, and that "if you've got a friendship bracelet, I know you're one of them!"
  • He appeared briefly in the book A Penguin Christmas Carol, in the past, as one of Scrooge's friends, along with Smulley and Suneroo from The Spice of Life book.
  • In issue #375 of the Club Penguin Times, Bambadee was mentioned by Rookie as one of the characters he wanted to thank for the year of 2012. However, at this point, Bambadee had not appeared since 2008, and was the only character listed to not appear in 2012.
  • In the Rookiepedia section from issue #10 of the Argentina edition of the Club Penguin Magazine, he is shown wearing the Director's Hat and Blue Casual Duds.


  • Bambadee usually wore his Friendship Bracelet on his right flipper, although he was sometimes portrayed wearing it on his left flipper. Players, when wearing the item, wore it on their left flipper.
  • Rockhopper kept one of Bambadee's bracelets in his quarters.
  • His name was misspelled as "Bamabadee" on the last page of the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway. Other language books fix this error, except for Spanish, which retains it.
  • With the Buddy List update in 2011, players could send a friend request to a player named Bambadee, although it is unlikely this was an official account.
  • Polo Field was never very fond of Bambadee.


Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Bambadee
French Bambadee
Spanish Bambadee
German Bambadee
Russian Бамбади