Club Penguin Wiki
Scientific name Ciroptera
Similar creatures Birds
Appeared Puffle Rescue
Predators None
Prey Small insects

Bats are helpful creatures found in the Pink Puffle stage of Puffle Rescue. They start to appear in Level 6. If the player stands in an orange spot, they appear and will pick you up. While carried by them, the player can use the left and right arrow keys to steer them. If the player steers them to another orange spot, they will drop the player, being used as transportation through the caves. Not much is known about them, but it is strange that they live in Club Penguin, as bats tend to live in places with warmer climates.


  • Two appeared at the Halloween Party 2010 at the Monster Room. You had to sit on a red chair to "call" these creatures.
  • There is a bat mobile in Gary's Room. If you click on it, the text above will say "This looks like some kind of fox, but it is flying!". Penguins have taken that to mean that the species of bats on Club Penguin are flying foxes.
  • The best way to maneuver is remember that your penguin's feet must never touch sandbags, or it will let go. Other parts can touch the sandbags, but still, not too much.
  • There are also Bat Puffles.
  • There is also a Bat Pin, however it does not have the facial features of the bat, just the shape.