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Battle of Doom
Battle of Doom EPF Rooftop battle

Members only? No
When May 31 – June 7, 2011
Free Item(s) Non-Member
EPF Badge Pin
Red Hydra Head, Yellow Hydra Head and Blue Hydra Head
Location Ski Village
Everyday Phoning Facility
EPF Rooftop
Mascot(s) None

The Battle of Doom was an event in Club Penguin that occurred following the Medieval Party 2011. Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy stole the Hydra Bot from the Ye Knight's Quest 3, and utilized it to attack the Everyday Phoning Facility, and Elite Penguin Force agents had to fight him on the EPF Rooftop.

Free items[]

Image Item Location Members only?
EPF Badge Pin edit EPF Badge Pin EPF Rooftop No
Red Hydra Head Red Hydra Head EPF Rooftop Yes
Yellow Hydra Head Yellow Hydra Head EPF Rooftop Yes
Blue Hydra Head Blue Hydra Head EPF Rooftop Yes


Battle of Doom Herbert dialog

Herbert bragging about destroying the island

When starting the battle, Herbert would talk to the player, where he brags about "upgrading" the "dangerous equipment" left around at the Medieval Party, and states his goal to destroy the island after he's finished with the EPF. He proceeds to radio to Klutzy to bring the Hydra Bot down, and when he does, Herbert jumps in one of the cockpits and the battle begins.

The battle plays much the same way as at the Medieval Party: the red hydra head is damaged when hit with snowballs, and the blue head is damaged when lava is dumped onto it, by throwing snowballs at the Cauldron 3000 while its above the head. The yellow head once again fires lasers at certain spots on the ground, but due to the Gold Staff and Shield no longer being available (although it can still be used if the player has it), players could stand on green buttons to temporarily activate a deflecting shield to deflect the lasers. Like before, defeated bots will slowly be repaired, this time by Klutzy, if all three are not defeated fast enough.

After defeating all three bots, they explode, and the player was rewarded with the EPF Badge Pin (first time only), one random Hydra Head furniture, and three EPF medals. The player can leave the rooftop and come back to repeat the battle, earning more Hydra Heads and medals. On repeat battles, Herbert says he repaired the Hydra Bot.






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