Battle of Doom

Battle of Doom Event

Members only? No
When June 1, 2011
Free Item(s) EPF Badge and Hydra heads
Location Ski Village
Everyday Phoning Facility
E.P.F. Rooftop
Mascot(s)  ?

The Battle of Doom Event was an event in 2011. It started after the Medieval Party 2011. The event started because Herbert P. Bear found the Medieval Party hydras and he used them to make a robot called The Hydra Bot In the email your parents got at the Earth Day Party 2011 shows a picture of Herbert and Klutzy in two of the Hydras giving you a sneak peak.


  • After you finish the task, you will be able to get the EPF Badge and any of the Hydra heads that are furniture items, the colours change each time you defeat him. You will also get three EPF Medals.
  • Although the head color you can get is supposed to change each time, some people say it's rigged, because it will only stay on one color (some have had only blue after defeating him 8 times).
  • This is the second time Herbert has attacked the Ski Village and the Everyday Phoning Facility; the first attack was the Popcorn Explosion.


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