Ben's Boots
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Available No
Type Shoes Item
Cost 75 coins
ID 999
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For the item from the Disney Shop, see Ben's Boots (ID 305). For the item from the Rookie adventure, see Ben's Boots (ID 332).

Ben's Boots are a unique shoes item in Club Penguin Islandthat was never released. If it were available, members would be able to buy this item for 75 coins.


  • Their description is "Not too flashy. After all, you're a king of the people."
  • It was added to the game's files in the 1.5.0 update.
  • If worn, it does not appear in-game, but does appear on a player card.
  • Although this item's purpose is unknown, the reason it has the same name and descriptions as the Ben's Boots from the Disney Shop is likely due to that item being the last item in ID order before this one at the time this item was added to the game's files.

Names in other languages

PortugueseBotas do BenNada muito chamativo. Afinal de contas, você é um rei.
FrenchBottes de BenRien d'extravagant. Après tout, tu restes proche de ton peuple.
SpanishBotas de BenNo demasiado chillonas. Después de todo, eres el rey del pueblo.
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