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Bernard the Garden Gnome
Bernard the Garden Gnome
Full Name Bernard the Garden Gnome
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Garden gnome
Appeared Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed
Color Orange
Clothes Items Buckle Hat, White Fuzzy Beard, Gnome Costume, and Pointy Shoes
Related To Unknown
Friends With Norman Swarm
Meetable Character? No

Bernard the Garden Gnome is a character in the Stage play "Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed". He lives in a cave underneath the Stage, and holds the cure for being bug-size. He is respected among the other bugs as being wise; an example of his knowledge is when he helped Norman Swarm in his quest for the cure for being bug size by giving him the cure (the Magic Phial Pin).


"Always mysterious, this oddly cute ornament holds the cure for being bug-sized! But he's hidden... You and your bug friends must find him!"


Bernard the Garden Gnome's costume was a choice of three in a "You Decide! Poll". It received the most votes and won. He wears a Buckle Hat, White Fuzzy Beard, Gnome Costume, and Pointy Shoes.