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Best Seat in the House
Genre Comedy
Length 2:06
Season 1
Characters Herbert, Klutzy, Rockhopper, Jet Pack Guy, other penguins
Series Animated Short
Release Date March 27, 2012

Best Seat in the House is an animated short episode. It first aired on March 27, 2012. The episode shows a penguin attempting to find a seat at the Stage.


The episode starts with an aerial view of the island, where penguins can be seen walking around the island. The camera then focuses on the Plaza, showing an aqua penguin, wearing a blue shirt, entering the Stage. In the stage, the penguin tries to find a good seat, but whenever he feels comfy, some other visitors interrupt him.


  • Rockhopper, Jet Pack Guy, Herbert and Klutzy are seen in the episode.
  • Before the short starts, Jet Pack Guy is shown placing the Disney logo above the Club Penguin logo.
  • The video was first released as an advertisement on Disney three months before they uploaded in on YouTube.



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