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Big-Big Kahuna
Big-big kahuna.png

Full Name Big-Big Kahuna
Species Stone Tiki Statue
Position Evil Tiki
Appeared Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit
Color None
Clothes Items None
Related To Volcano Mouth
Friends With None
Meetable Character? No

The Big-Big Kahuna was a totem originated in Innocent Island. It was brought to the Club Penguin Island by Rockhopper for the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit party, where it was featured in the Volcano Mouth.

Players could obtain the Yellow, Green and Red Kahuna Backgrounds by standing on platform with the corresponding color at the Volcano Mouth and throwing snowballs into the Big-Big Kahuna. Obtaining all 3 backgrounds allowed picking up the Grape Bunch Costume.


  • According to the ending message of the 96th Field-Op, the Big-Big Kahuna isn't a volcano, and contains fruit juice instead of lava.[1]


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