Black Deer Puffle
Puffle black1017 paper

Available Yes
Attitude Strong, shy
Member only Yes
Favorite toys None
Dance Hops up and down
Tongue color Green
ID Black1017

The Black Deer Puffle is a Puffle Creature. It is available from the Puffle Wild app for iOS devices. It can be adopted after destroying all 18 snow tiles on the bonus level after cleaning level 16 of Wild Woods. It could also be adopted during the Puffle Party 2015.


  • It is one of four deer puffles, the others being blue, red, and purple.
  • It is one of two adoptable black puffle creatures, the other being the Black Dinosaur Puffle.
  • Its dig is identical to that of every other Puffle Wild puffle.
  • It was first seen in the title screen of the Sled Racer app.
  • It was briefly mentioned in Issue #494 of the Club Penguin Times: "The black deer will always help you find your way."



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