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Black Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Black

Available No
Attitude Strong, silent type
Member only Yes (But non-members can unlock them from Treasure Book)
Favorite toys Skateboard, catching on fire.
Play action Super: Catches on fire and flies across the room.

Normal: Does jump tricks while playing with a skateboard.

Dance Acts like a tornado.
Tongue color Green
Speed Fastest Puffle
Special features Sometimes very energetic
Elite Puffle Items Welding mask and blue fire from its mouth
Favorite Games Cart Surfer
ID 752

Black Puffles are a species of puffle in Club Penguin. They were one of the first species discovered, and could only be adopted by members, or with a Treasure Book code. Black puffles are described as being the "strong and silent type" or simply grumpy. They almost always have a frown on their face, but when they eat an O' Berry, they catch on fire while grinning. They seem to enjoy playing with skateboards, and players could have their black puffle join them in Cart Surfer.


Black puffles were one of the first four puffle species to be found in Club Penguin, along with the Blue Puffle, Green Puffle and Pink Puffle. They were first seen during The Great Puffle Discovery, and were later available for member penguins to adopt on March 17, 2006.


Attitude: Intense, strong.

Favorite toys: Skateboard, catching on fire.

Elite Puffle Items: Welding mask and blue fire from his mouth.

Special facts: Always burps after eating cookies.

Favorite game: Cart Surfer.

Play: Does jump tricks while playing with a skateboard.

Play: Catches on fire and flies across the room.

Bath: Jumps in, heats up the tub with its flame while smiling, relaxes in it like a hot tub, a thunder cloud comes and rains on the puffle, then the black puffle becomes black and unhappy again.

Favorite Food: Fish Burger

Gum: Blows a bubble. Then the bubble pops on his face.

Dance: Acts like a tornado.

Postcard: Skates out of igloo causing flames in the igloo and melting part of the ice walls.

Brush: Gives the black puffle a temporary hair style.

Puffle Handbook Description[]

Although mostly quiet, sudden fiery outbursts show there is more to these intense creatures than meets the eye.

Famous Black Puffles[]

There are 4 famous black puffles. They are:

  1. Flare - One of the elite puffles.
  2. Dubstep - A puffle originally belonging to Businesmoose, who became famous from the Dubstep Puffle video and has since made several cameo appearances around the island.
  3. Herbert - One of Aunt Arctic's puffles.
  4. Flying Fireball - A puffle that performed at The Great Puffle Circus.


  • Before puffles were updated in 2011, if you fed a black puffle a cookie, it would spin like a tornado and swirl back and forth over the cookie.
  • Black puffles can play Cart Surfer with you.
  • A Black Puffle on fire is the host of the mini-game Thin Ice.
  • A dangerous combination of hot sauce and an O-Berry fed to a black puffle can result in the puffle becoming a high-energy fireball, as demonstrated in PSA Mission #6.
  • The Puffle Rescue sea levels contain black puffles for the player to rescue. There is also a black puffle next to the Puffle Rescue desk.
  • Flare, a black Elite Puffle, can be walked in-game with a Herbert's Revenge code and a membership (available to non-members as well as of summer 2012).
  • Black puffles appear in multiple stamps, including Puffle Party stamp, Puffle Power stamp and Ultimate Duo stamp.
  • The black puffle plush is one of the first puffles to unlock a wig/puffle hat.
  • Billybob has a black Puffle [1]
  • Although Flare is a black puffle, it is not able to play Cart Surfer.
  • The Card-Jitsu card 'Black Puffle' is a black puffle that plays on an orange skate board, but in-game, the skateboard is green.
  • When a black puffle ran away, it sent the player a postcard depicting itself catching on fire and launching out of an igloo as a fireball.
  • It appeared on a T-shirt that could be bought in real life.
  • A black puffle appears in Missions 2 and 6.
  • After the 2013 redesign, black puffles have an angrier attitude.
  • Polo Field said on Twitter that black puffles do not like Monday mornings very much.[source needed]
  • In the second PSA Mission, G's Secret Mission, if you try to feed the black puffle a fish it will say "Puffles don't like fish". This contradicts the puffle's favorite food. It could be just that specific puffles don't like fish. That, or perhaps they only like fish as burgers, and not by themselves.
  • Like White Puffles, black puffles seem to have an affinity with ninjas. While white puffles represent the element of snow, black puffles represent the element of fire.
    • In the weeks leading up to (and during) Sensei's Fire Scavenger Hunt, black puffles appeared around the island. These puffles would burst into flames if a penguin wearing a ninja mask walked up to them.


Famous Black puffles[]

Black Puffle in-game[]

Black Puffle caring card[]

Black Puffle actions[]

Black Puffle plushes[]



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Preto
French Le Puffle Noir
Spanish Puffle negro
German Schwarzer Puffle
Russian Черный пафл


  1. (confirmed in the UK Club Penguin Magazine).