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Blast Poster.png

Full Name Blast
Species Puffle
Gender Male
Position Elite Puffle
Appeared Elite Penguin Force, Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge Games
Color Red
Clothes Items Helmet (when needed)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Other Elite Puffles
Meetable Character? No

Blast is a Red Puffle and one of the Elite Puffles. He has the ability to shoot himself out of a cannon while wearing a helmet. This allows him to break through heavy objects. He also was in the Exclusive Christmas Book: Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic along with the other Elite Puffles. EPF agents can summon them by using a Puffle Whistle. Like all other puffles, he was trained by Puffle Handler.


  • He is friends with Yarr, as revealed in The Great Puffle Switch.
  • He speaks with a strong pirate accent and often uses sailor terms, though only other puffles can hear this.


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Adrenalina
French Blast
Spanish Polvorita
German Blast
Russian N/A