Blaster Game

The game menu
Players 1
Controls Mouse, Space [more]
Minigame location Tatooine map
Date released July 25, 2013

Blaster Game is a game that is playable during the Star Wars Takeover. It is available at the Tatooine map, as well as Mos Eisley, Tatooine, and Desert. The goal of the game is to defeat stormtroopers that hide in the planet.


  • A+D / left or right arrows / space - Rolling from crate to crate.
  • Aiming + shooting - left click mouse.


Levels and Bonuses

The game contains 3 different levels. By finishing a level, the next one is unlocked.
After finishing a level, the player can unlock an item for free:

  1. Stormtrooper Helmet (available to everyone)
  2. Stormtrooper Costume (members only)
  3. Sandtrooper Pauldron (members only)


Han Solo's sprite in the game

The player, that appears as Han Solo, is found in the front of the game. A desert is shown on the level background.
The player is crouching behind 1 of 2 crates.
Stormtroopers come from the desert from 3 different distances, and each one of them shoot at the player every second. The player needs to shoot back and kill (or severely harm, it isn't really evident what actually happens) the stormtroopers. The player can also shoot the stormtrooper while it is in the air for more points.
The troopers cause damage to the crates by their fire. Once in a while, R2-D2 shows up and repairs the crates with a laser beam. If both your crates get destroyed, or you are hit by a bomb, you lose the game and surrender.


In the end of every level, a boss carrying a heavy rifle shows up. The boss, that has a large amount of lives, will pop up for a few seconds from random places. The game ends when the boss is defeated.
Starting at level 3, ordinary enemies also appear after the boss has arrived.


Enemy type Points
Close range enemy 10
Middle range enemy 20
Long range enemy 30
Boss (Level 1) 100
Boss (Level 2) 200
Boss (Level 3) 300





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