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Blue Border Collie
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Blue Border Collie.png

Available April 17, 2014
Attitude Loyal, mischievous
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Squeaky Toy
Play action N/A
Dance Jumps up and Down
Tongue color Pink
Speed Fast
Special features Has tail and ears
Elite Puffle Items N/A
Favorite Games N/A
ID blue1006

The Blue Border Collie (also known as the Dog Puffle) is one of the Puffle Creatures, which was released and made adoptable at the Puffle Party 2014. It is based on the Blue Puffle and a Border Collie dog.


It was first seen in Club Penguin on a short video where Polo Field blamed the dog for farting, much to Megg's disgust; then stated the puffle would come in April 2014.[1] Polo Field stated on Twitter that two new puffles would be coming to Club Penguin at the Puffle Party 2014, with this being one and the other being the Orange Tabby Cat.

In game, the Blue Border Collie was first mentioned when they were known as stowaways on Rockhopper's ship in early April 2014, eating most of his supplies.


  • Attitude: Loyal, mischievous
  • Puffle Base: Blue Puffle
  • Animal Inspiration: Border Collie
  • Special facts: Loves to chase the Orange Tabby Cat.
  • Dance: Jumps up and down.

Puffle Handbook Description

Full of energy, they're always ready for a walk or playing fetch. Just watch out for their slobbery kisses.


  • It appeared at the Puffle Party 2014, along with the Orange Tabby Cat.
  • Its snack of choice are Pretzels.[2] Although you can only feed them at the Puffle Hotel.
  • It was brought to the Island by Rockhopper on April 10, 2014 along with the Orange Tabby Cat.
  • It is the 2nd animal-type puffle being released as a pet, along with the Orange Tabby Cat. First being the Dinosaur Puffles.
  • It is fascinated with fire hydrants.
  • In the wild, they have been observed chewing their favorite squeak toy.
  • Unlike the other puffles which cost 400 coins, this and the Orange Tabby Cat cost 800.
  • It shares a personality trait with the Blue Puffle, which is loyalty.
    • Ironically, they're both blue Puffles.
  • Its dance on the Club Penguin App is different than in desktop. While on PC it jumps (like the Red and Blue puffles and most Puffle Creatures), on the app it runs after its tail like a real dog, gets dizzy and tries again.
  • In a Club Penguin comic, it is revealed they like to bury slippers to the ground.


Sneak Peeks




Clothing based off the Blue Border Collie