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Blue Crystal Puffle
Blue Crystal Puffle smiling.png

Available No
Attitude Magical, generous
Member only Yes
Favorite toys None
Dance Hops up and down
Tongue color Magenta
ID blue1023

The Blue Crystal Puffle is a species of puffle that were brought to the island by Merry Walrus, available for adoption during the Merry Walrus Party. Roofhowse and his friends follow one to Merry Walrus Island in We Wish You a Merry Walrus.[1]

This puffle was given away by Merry Walrus to members at the Merry Walrus Party at the end of the final quest, after finding six blue crystals, which were located in all the decorated rooms except the Coffee Shop, the Snow Forts, the Mall, and the School.

This puffle became available for adoption once again at the Holiday Party 2015 from the Holiday Party 2015 interface, and at the Holiday Party 2016 from the Holiday Party 2016 interface.

Described as magical and generous by Puffle Handler,[2] the Blue Crystal Puffles have demonstrated the ability to fly through the air; glowing while they do it.[3]



  • A collection of six Blue Crystal Puffles pull the Merry Walrus' sleigh.[3][7]
  • They are the sixth type of puffle species seen to have the ability to fly; the first being the Bat Puffle, the second being the Reindeer Puffle, the third being the Rainbow Puffle, the fourth being the Dragon Puffle and the fifth being the Ghost Puffle. (Technically seventh if you count the black puffle while on fire)
  • There is a costume and pin themed after this puffle.
  • The sound it makes when using the swing at the Puffle Park is the same sound used for the log-in screen for the Merry Walrus Party, although with a delay.
  • It was the last puffle to be added to Puffle Wild.



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