A blueprint is the base of an item in Club Penguin Island that can be used to make a clothing item in the Clothing Customizer. If a player has a blueprint, they can always make the corresponding item, but each time a player creates an item, it costs coins. Blueprints can be obtained by leveling up or completing adventures. Blueprints are also divided into item types, depending on where on the body the item it makes is worn.

Except for the four available by default (Tip-Top Tank, Shoe-Ins, Pizza Costume, and Pull-over Hoodie), blueprints can only be used by members. However, clothing created in the Customizer with these blueprints still cannot be worn without membership.

List of blueprints


Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint Daring Denim icon
Daring Denim 35 coins Reach level 1 A perfect pair that you can customize into YOUR perfect pair.
Blueprint Summer Shorts icon
Summer Shorts 35 coins Reach level 2 Put a bright pattern on these to scare away sharks or complete your beach look!
Blueprint Pencil Skirt icon
Pencil Skirt 35 coins Reach level 3 Make your point with this sharp skirt.
Blueprint All The Frills icon
All The Frills 35 coins Reach level 5 Why settle for less? More is more!
Blueprint Crate Co. Shorts icon
Crate Co. Shorts 35 coins Reach level 5 Lots of pockets to hold deliveries.
Blueprint Lifestyle Tights icon
Lifestyle Tights 35 coins Reach level 8 Design them for whatever lifestyle you want!
Blueprint Very Belted Pants icon
Very Belted Pants 40 coins Reach level 14 Guaranteed to never fall down.
Blueprint Swimmers icon
Swimmers 35 coins Reach level 23 We recommend these over swimming in pants.


Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint Shoe-Ins icon
Shoe-Ins 45 coins Available by default The classic design in footwear. Not just for spies.
Blueprint Fuzzy Slippers icon
Fuzzy Slippers 55 coins Reach level 1 So do bunnies wear penguin slippers?
Blueprint Ballet Flats icon
Ballet Flats 35 coins Reach level 1 Fashion or function? Both!
Blueprint Flipper Floppers icon
Flipper Floppers 35 coins Reach level 2 Footwear that flips AND flops!
Blueprint Lizard Feet icon
Lizard Feet 40 coins Reach level 4 Not to be confused with crocodile feet.
Blueprint Expedition Boots icon
Expedition Boots 35 coins Reach level 6 Rugged footwear for exploring the island.
Blueprint Knight's Boots icon
Knight's Boots 50 coins Reach level 7 +3 armor vs. crabs.
Blueprint Sharp Shoes icon
Sharp Shoes 50 coins Reach level 8 Shoes that are always on point.
Blueprint Skyscraper Tops icon
Skyscraper Tops 45 coins Reach level 8 Includes 20% more sneaker than regular brands.
Blueprint Alien Feet icon
Alien Feet 30 coins Reach level 9 Feel like you're from a different planet? Then walk the walk.
Blueprint Lunar Kicks icon
Lunar Kicks 55 coins Reach level 9 One small step for a penguin… one giant leap for penguinkind.
Blueprint Mercury Messengers icon
Mercury Messengers 50 coins Reach level 10 Stylish, but the wings won't let you fly. You're probably used to that…
Blueprint Wolf Feet icon
Wolf Feet 30 coins Reach level 11 Feeling a little snarly today?
Blueprint Sandy Sandals icon
Sandy Sandals 35 coins Reach level 13 Feels good to bury your feet in the sand.
Blueprint Sturdy Stompers icon
Sturdy Stompers 50 coins Reach level 16 Keep your footing on the highest peaks and the slipperiest ice
Blueprint Size 20s icon
Size 20s 35 coins Reach level 20 Awarded upon graduation from Clown College
Blueprint Bear Slippers icon
Bear Slippers 35 coins Reach level 25 Like teddy bears for your feet
Blueprint West Kickers icon
West Kickers 75 coins Reach level 27 No tumbleweed will dare cross your path
Blueprint Pirate Boots icon
Pirate Boots 50 coins Complete "Trailing Along" adventure Tough boots for treasure hunting buccaneers.
Blueprint Pro Swimfins icon
Pro Swimfins 35 coins Log in during Blizzard Beach event Flippers for your flippers!

Hair & Hats

Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint The Flow icon
The Flow 35 coins Reach level 1 Carefree, classic, and perfect for the zipline.
Blueprint The Best Mess icon
The Best Mess 35 coins Reach level 1 A no-fuss haircut that'll never look out of place.
Blueprint The Lo-Fro icon
The Lo-Fro 35 coins Reach level 2 A simple, natural look that never fades.
Blueprint The Seashore Style icon
The Seashore Style 35 coins Reach level 2 Hit the beach with these pulled back braids.
Blueprint Fine & Dandy icon
Fine & Dandy 45 coins Reach level 3 No muss, no fuss—great for those diving adventures.
Blueprint The Short Spike icon
The Short Spike 35 coins Reach level 3 Make a statement (and stay away from balloons).
Blueprint The Braided Pony icon
The Braided Pony 35 coins Reach level 3 Ignore the NEIGH-sayers; ponies are ever-so-stylish.
Blueprint The Pro icon
The Pro 55 coins Reach level 3 You're so good you don't need to see.
Blueprint The Lizard Head icon
The Lizard Head 60 coins Reach level 4 Chomp your way through squid-sticks, stinky cheese… and life.
Blueprint Foodtrekker Staff Hat icon
Foodtrekker Staff Hat 30 coins Reach level 5 Serve up the finest in fishdog cuisine!
Blueprint The Shaggy Surf icon
The Shaggy Surf 35 coins Reach level 5 You'll cause a scene in and out of water.
Blueprint The Dreamer icon
The Dreamer 45 coins Reach level 5 For maximum happiness, keep your hair in the clouds.
Blueprint The Chef-tastic icon
The Chef-tastic 35 coins Reach level 5 Impress the Island's foodies!
Blueprint The Club Cut icon
The Club Cut 35 coins Reach level 5 Never out of place, this cut goes with any style
Blueprint The Two Tails icon
The Two Tails 35 coins Reach level 5 Doubles the hair bands, but so worth it
Blueprint The Shortcut icon
The Shortcut 35 coins Reach level 6 Aerodynamically awesome.
Blueprint The All Star icon
The All Star 45 coins Reach level 6 Ready, set, go! Crossing the finish line has never looked better.
Blueprint Quarterback Helmet icon
Quarterback Helmet 45 coins Reach level 6 Hut hut! Can you make it to end zone?
Blueprint Knight's Lid icon
Knight's Lid 50 coins Reach level 7 Hark! Ye be the most fashionable dragon slayer in all the land!
Blueprint Drama Amp icon
Drama Amp 60 coins Reach level 8 Rock the stage with this drama-enhancing do.
Blueprint The Whip Flip icon
The Whip Flip 45 coins Reach level 8 It's fast-paced action and adventure attached to your head.
Blueprint Motorcycle Helmet icon
Motorcycle Helmet 55 coins Reach level 9 Fly out of cannons without a care!
Blueprint Alien Head icon
Alien Head 60 coins Reach level 9 Make them all believe.
Blueprint The Top Mop icon
The Top Mop 55 coins Reach level 10 This bun is guaranteed style, stealth, and spectacular.
Blueprint Tall Spike icon
Tall Spike 55 coins Reach level 10 Balloons will fear thee! Own it!
Blueprint Hardest Hat icon
Hardest Hat 30 coins Reach level 10 This stylish piece will protect you from falling rock, fly-away jackhammers, and random anvils.
Blueprint The Wavy Doo icon
The Wavy Doo 50 coins Reach level 10 These styled waves are at the height of chic
Blueprint The Hookback icon
The Hookback 50 coins Reach level 10 A seemingly impossible combination of bold and casual
Blueprint Undercut icon
Undercut 55 coins Reach level 11 Stays perfectly styled even in the wind.
Blueprint The Waterfall icon
The Waterfall 60 coins Reach level 11 For fancy moments or just for fun.
Blueprint Wolf Head icon
Wolf Head 60 coins Reach level 11 Howl you doin'? Grab your buddies and make some noise!
Blueprint The Topper icon
The Topper 45 coins Reach level 12 It's always the right time for elegance.
Blueprint The Prehistoric Bun icon
The Prehistoric Bun 50 coins Reach level 13 Hunt dinos. Look good. Ugga ugga
Blueprint T-Rekt icon
T-Rekt 70 coins Reach level 13 Now it makes sense when you eat a whole pizza in a single bite.
Blueprint Tricera-Top icon
Tricera-Top 70 coins Reach level 13 You get not one, not two, but THREE horns!
Blueprint Goodness Cretaceous icon
Goodness Cretaceous 30 coins Reach level 13 Three horns are better than one. Sorry unicorns
Blueprint The Hawk icon
The Hawk 45 coins Reach level 14 Conventional punk style for the unconventional type
Blueprint The Rock Rebel icon
The Rock Rebel 70 coins Reach level 14 Why settle on just one color?
Blueprint Cop Top icon
Cop Top 40 coins Reach level 15 Wear it with honor and uphold the law on the island.
Blueprint More-a-Fedora icon
More-a-Fedora 40 coins Reach level 15 There's always a mystery to solve. Look good doing it
Blueprint Not Hot Hat icon
Not Hot Hat 45 coins Reach level 15 Keeping cool things cool and hot things cool, too.
Blueprint Toque About It icon
Toque About It 0 coins Reach level 16 On the mountain, a good hat is as important as a sturdy rope
Blueprint Casque-ade icon
Casque-ade 60 coins Reach level 16 This durable helmet keeps your thinker thinking
Blueprint Fresh Lid icon
Fresh Lid 30 coins Reach level 17 In Club Penguin Island, born and raised
Blueprint What's Cap-ennin' icon
What's Cap-ennin' 30 coins Reach level 17 Add a decal to show off your favorite island neighborhood
Blueprint Viking Helm icon
Viking Helm 55 coins Reach level 18 Fashionable and functional. Use it to hold your squid sticks!
Blueprint The Flower Tail icon
The Flower Tail 55 coins Reach level 19 A luxurious style, loved by bees
Blueprint The Punchline icon
The Afro 35 coins Reach level 20 This hair's no joke. Oh wait, yes, it is.
Blueprint The Magical icon
The Magical 30 coins Reach level 20 Don't tell Gary, but sometimes magic is better than science
Blueprint The Superflow icon
The Superflow 45 coins Reach level 22 A sign of intelligence and inner strength.
Blueprint The Final Form icon
The Final Form 45 coins Reach level 22 The hero always gets spikey hair!
Blueprint The Mega Twin Bow icon
The Mega Twin Bow 50 coins Reach level 22 The most kawaii of hairstyles.
Blueprint Sun Lid icon
Sun Lid 45 coins Reach level 23 No more squinting with this wide-brimmed hat.
Blueprint Brain Freeze icon
Brain Freeze 50 coins Reach level 24 When dessert falls on you and you decide, “This is my life now.”
Blueprint Outback Hat icon
Outback Hat 30 coins Reach level 25 A rugged hat, found deserted in the Wilds
Blueprint Cowpoke Hat icon
Cowpoke Hat 75 coins Reach level 27 When you’ve got a hat this good, the town makes you sheriff
Blueprint Diving Helmet icon
Diving Helmet 55 coins Complete "Hatching a Plan" adventure For all the serious treasure-hunters.
Blueprint Pirate Bandana icon
Pirate Bandana 30 coins Complete "Bottled Maps" adventure You're part of the crew now! Wear your bandana proudly.
Blueprint Pirate Hat icon
Pirate Hat 45 coins Complete "A Captain's Share" adventure 9/10 pirates report feeling more pirate-y with this here booty.
Blueprint Santa Hat icon
Santa Hat 30 coins Log in before or during the Holiday Party 2017 North pole fashion hits the island!

Face extras

Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint Snorkel Mask icon
Snorkel Mask 55 coins Reach level 2 Dive deep and discover ocean creatures.
Blueprint Jack of All Shades icon
Jack of All Shades 30 coins Reach level 2 The perfect sunglasses for any island adventure.
Blueprint Hero's Mask icon
Hero's Mask 35 coins Reach level 3 Let the island know you're here to help.
Blueprint Costume Ball Mask icon
Costume Ball Mask 30 coins Reach level 7 Who was that stylish penguin? They'll never know.
Blueprint Thick-Frame Glasses icon
Thick-Frame Glasses 35 coins Reach level 8 It's all becoming clear now...
Blueprint Must Have Mustache icon
Must Have Mustache 30 coins Reach level 10 So fan-tache-tic, no one will know it's fake!
Blueprint New Dimensions icon
New Dimensions 30 coins Reach level 10 Caution! May cause extreme awesomness.
Blueprint Eyes on the Prize icon
Eyes on the Prize 40 coins Reach level 12 Future too bright? Better wear these shades.
Blueprint Protective Goggles icon
Protective Goggles 30 coins Reach level 15 For diving, snowboarding, or making crazy inventions
Blueprint Beardiest Beard icon
Beardiest Beard 30 coins Reach level 18 This beard has conquered many lands and holds crumbs of many feasts
Blueprint Boop Nose icon
Boop Nose 25 coins Reach level 20 You have the urge to grab this nose and say, "Boop"
Blueprint Bristle Whisks icon
Bristle Whisks 25 coins Reach level 21 Gary says these are tactile sensors
Blueprint Something In Me Aye icon
Something In Me Aye 35 coins Complete "The Black Pearl" adventure Aye, ye look like a pirate. Can ye act the part?
Blueprint Bushy Beard icon
Bushy Beard 35 coins Complete "The Black Pearl" adventure Perfect for cold nights sailing the Seven and A Half seas.


Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint Pull-over Hoodie icon
Pull-over Hoodie 40 coins Available by default Show off your unique designs with this Club Penguin classic.
Blueprint Tip-Top Tank icon
Tip-Top Tank 40 coins Available by default A perfect blank canvas for your designs.
Blueprint Flowy Tank Top icon
Flowy Tank Top 40 coins Reach level 1 A light, simple top that suits lots of outfits
Blueprint Layer It On Me icon
Layer It On Me 40 coins Reach level 1 All the benefit of layers, without the layers.
Blueprint T-Shirt icon
T-Shirt 50 coins Reach level 1 A basic tee that can show off your awesome designs
Blueprint Formal Tuxedo icon
Formal Tuxedo 80 coins Reach level 3 Works great for a dance or some undercover spy work.
Blueprint Brush It Off icon
Brush It Off 60 coins Reach level 3 Afraid of tan lines? We've got the top for you.
Blueprint Tank & Sweater icon
Tank & Sweater 40 coins Reach level 5 A layered look, perfect for hard work or a lazy day.
Blueprint Bake It Easy icon
Bake It Easy 50 coins Reach level 5 It's a crumby job, but you can dough it!
Blueprint Vendor Uniform icon
Vendor Uniform 60 coins Reach level 5 Serve your customers with style!
Blueprint Jersey icon
Jersey 40 coins Reach level 6 Show your team spirit on this jersey.
Blueprint Race You There icon
Race You There 40 coins Reach level 6 Makes you look like you can run for miles, even when you can't!
Blueprint Adventurers Wanted icon
Adventurers Wanted 50 coins Reach level 7 Not all who waddle are lost.
Blueprint Peplum Top icon
Peplum Top 50 coins Reach level 8 Put a little pep in your step!
Blueprint Buttoned Up icon
Buttoned Up 50 coins Reach level 10 Look at you with all your fancy buttons.
Blueprint Hooded Jacket icon
Hooded Jacket 50 coins Reach level 10 Great for when it might rain. Or when it might not.
Blueprint Ski Patrol Jacket icon
Ski Patrol Jacket 60 coins Reach level 11 Keep the mountains safe. Look cool doing it.
Blueprint Summit Seeker icon
Summit Seeker 75 coins Reach level 11 Sometimes it's even too cold for a penguin.
Blueprint Tee-rrific Twosome icon
Tee-rrific Twosome 50 coins Reach level 11 Keep those flippers from getting frozen with this tee combo.
Blueprint Forget Me Knot icon
Forget Me Knot 55 coins Reach level 12 We couldn't untie the knot so now it's a feature!
Blueprint Tank Tied icon
Tank Tied 40 coins Reach level 12 A stylish way to wear a hoodie even when it's warm
Blueprint Get Down to Business icon
Get Down to Business 50 coins Reach level 12 Show the rest of the island you mean business.
Blueprint Motorcycle Jacket icon
Motorcycle Jacket 55 coins Reach level 14 Get from the Migrator to the Sea Caves wearing as many zippers as possible.
Blueprint Detective Duds icon
Detective Duds 80 coins Reach level 14 Even the not-so-mean streets need a good detective.
Blueprint Uneven Sweater icon
Uneven Sweater 40 coins Reach level 14 This sweater doesn't follow trends. It creates them.
Blueprint Police Uniform icon
Police Uniform 40 coins Reach level 15 Help patrol the Beacon Boardwalk.
Blueprint Epic Wilderness Shirt icon
Epic Wilderness Shirt 55 coins Reach level 15 All these pockets really do come in handy
Blueprint Head Honcho icon
Head Honcho 55 coins Reach level 15 The penguin that started the Foodtrekker franchise had a suit just like this.
Blueprint Safety Vest icon
Safety Vest 40 coins Reach level 15 There's always something new being built on the Island. Want to help?
Blueprint Two-layer Tank icon
Two-layer Tank 40 coins Reach level 17 Not warm enough for one tank top, not cool enough for three
Blueprint Zip-up Hoodie icon
Zip-up Hoodie 55 coins Reach level 17 A hoodie with a zipper!? What'll they think of next?
Blueprint Vest to Impress icon
Vest to Impress 50 coins Reach level 19 No blazer needed—this style succeeds on its own
Blueprint Suspended icon
Suspended 40 coins Reach level 20 Old-school cool
Blueprint Leader of Rings icon
Leader of Rings 80 coins Reach level 20 Pairs well with shouting "Ladies and gentlemen"
Blueprint Lifeguard Jacket icon
Lifeguard Jacket 50 coins Complete "Point of View" adventure Protect the beach, look cool doing it
Blueprint Sea Dog's Vest icon
Sea Dog's Vest 50 coins Complete "Bottled Maps" adventure Arr! Show you're not afraid to dig deep to find treasure.
Blueprint Captain's Jacket icon
Captain's Jacket 80 coins Complete "A Captain's Share" adventure Only the true pirates can claim a jacket such as this.
Blueprint Santa Suit icon
Santa Suit 60 coins Collect from Holiday Shop during Holiday Party 2017 Ho ho ho! Comes with a jolly belly

Full Body

Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint Pizza Costume icon
Pizza Costume 60 coins Available by default For those who want to be pizza when they grow up.
Blueprint Tree Costume icon
Tree Costume 80 coins Reach level 1 Pining to create a forest with friends? Tree-t yourself to this outfit.
Blueprint Tubular Two-Piece icon
Tubular Two-Piece 55 coins Reach level 2 Classic design, great for beach parties and deep sea dives.
Blueprint Coral Mermaid icon
Coral Mermaid 80 coins Reach level 2 Protect your underwater treasure from pirates!
Blueprint Top Dog icon
Top Dog 80 coins Reach level 4 Fleas sold separately.
Blueprint Sea Shark icon
Sea Shark 80 coins Reach level 4 Look for a bite to eat at the Cove.
Blueprint Lizard Body icon
Lizard Body 40 coins Reach level 4 Doesn't come included with skin moisturizer.
Blueprint Cheer Uniform icon
Cheer Uniform 50 coins Reach level 6 2-4-6-8, this outfit is really great!
Blueprint Noble Gown icon
Noble Gown 80 coins Reach level 7 Hark! The ladies of the court be like, "Check out this sweet gown."
Blueprint Knight's Armor icon
Knight's Armor 60 coins Reach level 7 Stand against the forces of evil with 30 pounds of steel!
Blueprint Deluxe Gown icon
Deluxe Gown 90 coins Reach level 8 Be a rebel and wear this evening dress during the day.
Blueprint Penguin Protector 3000 icon
Penguin Protector 3000 80 coins Reach level 9 What super genius could have made this armor?
Blueprint Alien Body icon
Alien Body 40 coins Reach level 9 Perfect for invaders and those coming in peace.
Blueprint Rugged-alls icon
Rugged-alls 50 coins Reach level 10 Perfect for jackhammer operators, these clothes are made to last
Blueprint Wolf Body icon
Wolf Body 40 coins Reach level 11 Looking to join a wolf pack? Here's where you start.
Blueprint Beauty Bow icon
Beauty Bow 80 coins Reach level 12 Sit by the fire, stroll on the beach, or wear it out with friends.
Blueprint Spring Fling icon
Spring Fling 80 coins Reach level 12 A jacket and dress that go together like peanut butter and o'berry jam.
Blueprint The Meggasaurus icon
The Meggasaurus 55 coins Reach level 13 Is it the Megg-ozoic era?
Blueprint Caveguin Toga icon
Caveguin Toga 55 coins Reach level 13 There's a lot of history in that toga. It smells like there is, at least.
Blueprint Prehistoric Two Piece icon
Prehistoric Two Piece 60 coins Reach level 13 A stone-age ensemble that's always in style.
Blueprint Labcoat 3000 icon
Labcoat 3000 60 coins Reach level 15 Side effects include being 38.2% more science-looking and never spilling liquids on your clothes.
Blueprint Firefighter's Suit icon
Firefighter's Suit 50 coins Reach level 15 The best part about being a firefighter? The outfit. And saving the day.
Blueprint Nurse Scrubs icon
Nurse Scrubs 50 coins Reach level 15 A great outfit for taking care of penguins and being comfy while you do it.
Blueprint Denim Dancer icon
Denim Dancer 55 coins Reach level 17 Bust a move in these loose-fitting, hip-hop overalls
Blueprint Inconceivable Robes icon
Inconceivable Robes 80 coins Reach level 18 This doesn't protect from falling anvils? INCONCEIVABLE!
Blueprint Uni-credible Outfit icon
Uni-credible Outfit 80 coins Reach level 18 Made with 100% real rainbow sheen
Blueprint Horizon Gown icon
Horizon Gown 60 coins Reach level 19 Inspired by a mountain view
Blueprint Ombré Gown icon
Ombré Gown 60 coins Reach level 19 Beautifully fades into another color
Blueprint Clown Coat icon
Clown Coat 60 coins Reach level 20 Stop holding back on your dreams of becoming a clown
Blueprint Summer Split Piece icon
Summer Split Piece 40 coins Reach level 23 A cool look for weather that is anything but.
Blueprint I'm a pineapple? icon
I'm a pineapple? 80 coins Reach level 24 Ever have a dream where you're a pineapple? It's like that.
Blueprint Sprinkles on Top icon
Sprinkles on Top 60 coins Reach level 24 Sweet outfit!
Blueprint Wool Coat icon
Wool Coat 75 coins Reach level 27 Shear-iously great fashion
Blueprint Agent Armor icon
Agent Armor 60 coins Complete "Burying Treasure" adventure Suit up, agent, the island depends on you
Blueprint Royal Dress icon
Royal Dress 100 coins Buy from Disney Shop An elegant style that fits right in at a royal ball
Blueprint High Speed Suit icon
High Speed Suit 0 coins Buy from Disney Shop A look that belongs in the winner's circle

Hand extras

Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint New-Fangled Bangles icon
New-Fangled Bangles 35 coins Reach level 3 Includes hoops, bracelets, AND a string of pearls.
Blueprint Lizard Claws icon
Lizard Claws 50 coins Reach level 4 Not recommended for hand-talkers.
Blueprint Palm Leaf Wraps icon
Palm Leaf Wraps 25 coins Reach level 4 Warning—dinos might mistake you for a tasty penguin wrap
Blueprint Mighty Mitts icon
Mighty Mitts 25 coins Reach level 6 No messing around when the mitts are on. It's snowball time!
Blueprint Bling Ring icon
Bling Ring 25 coins Reach level 8 This has more karats than a bunny's pantry.
Blueprint Alien Hands icon
Alien Hands 35 coins Reach level 9 Perfect for pointing at someone and saying "Take me to your leader."
Blueprint Robot Armatures icon
Robot Armatures 50 coins Reach level 9 4 out of 5 robots agree that these are beep boopity beep bing.
Blueprint Wolf Paws icon
Wolf Paws 35 coins Reach level 11 A clawver way to be a wolf.
Blueprint Handy Watch icon
Handy Watch 25 coins Reach level 12 An ancient device used to tell time. Made obsolete by the cell phone.
Blueprint Pointy Cuff icon
Pointy Cuff 25 coins Reach level 14 Crystals can be used to make stylish jewelry.
Blueprint Replacement Hook icon
Replacement Hook 35 coins Complete "Walk of Stars" adventure Arrr, ye best be careful when shaking hands.
Blueprint Water Wings icon
Water Wings 25 coins Log in during Blizzard Beach event They're like mini-tubes for your arms!

Head extras

Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint The Claw-some icon
The Claw-some 30 coins Reach level 4 Meow to your heart's content in these paws-itively glorious ears.
Blueprint Royal Crown icon
Royal Crown 30 coins Reach level 7 Go ahead—own that throne and rule the world!
Blueprint The Crowning Glory icon
The Crowning Glory 30 coins Reach level 7 Who's the boss? You are.
Blueprint Headphones icon
Headphones 30 coins Reach level 9 Wear these and dance like everyone's watching!
Blueprint Tunes On Tubes icon
Tunes On Tubes 25 coins Reach level 17 Listen to some songs while speeding down Mount Blizzard on your tube!
Blueprint Floral Wreath icon
Floral Wreath 35 coins Reach level 19 An original design by Mother Nature
Blueprint The Earful icon
The Earful 30 coins Reach level 21 An easy fix for those who want to be taller
Blueprint The Floppy icon
The Floppy 30 coins Reach level 21 Ears that make animals just look so darn cute
Blueprint The Squawk icon
The Squawk 45 coins Complete "Shell Game" adventure Dare to wear this precocious parrot at your next party!
Blueprint Squid Lid icon
Squid Lid 45 coins Complete "Good Impressions" adventure The MUST-HAVE for serious penguin fashion.

Body extras

Image Name Cost to make item Obtained by Description
Blueprint Flower Lei icon
Flower Lei 25 coins Reach level 2 Island life is the good life
Blueprint Feathered Wings icon
Feathered Wings 40 coins Reach level 4 Penguins can't fly, but they can be fabulous.
Blueprint Fluffy Charm icon
Fluffy Charm 30 coins Reach level 5 Not a good luck charm, but still charming
Blueprint Infinity Scarf icon
Infinity Scarf 35 coins Reach level 6 There's no end to outfits this scarf works with.
Blueprint Fairy Wings icon
Fairy Wings 40 coins Reach level 7 Wear these to your next medieval meet-up!
Blueprint Feather Boa icon
Feather Boa 35 coins Reach level 10 Stay warm, and fabulous on your next winter adventure!
Blueprint All Tied Up icon
All Tied Up 25 coins Reach level 12 Always have one ready for spontaneous dinner parties.
Blueprint Featherful Necklace icon
Featherful Necklace 35 coins Reach level 13 This is how birds wear them, right?
Blueprint Dactyl Wings icon
Dactyl Wings 55 coins Reach level 14 Imagine cruising over jurassic jungles with these
Blueprint The Chord Cord icon
The Chord Cord 25 coins Reach level 14 Start your music career on the right note.
Blueprint Doctor's Stethoscope icon
Doctor's Stethoscope 25 coins Reach level 15 Always listen to your heart!
Blueprint Bottomless Backpack icon
Bottomless Backpack 35 coins Reach level 16 Holds all your snacks. Just don't forget them in there! <barf face>
Blueprint Glider Rider icon
Glider Rider 35 coins Reach level 16 Perfect for your kite cosplay
Blueprint Go-To-O2 icon
Go-To-O2 55 coins Reach level 16 For those who like breathing underwater but don't have gills
Blueprint Stealthy Cloak icon
Stealthy Cloak 25 coins Reach level 18 Stay hidden from fairy puffles with this magical cloak
Blueprint Fantasy Football Pads icon
Fantasy Football Pads 55 coins Reach level 18 Worn by linebacker knights to fend off dragon quarterbacks
Blueprint Pre-tied Bow Tie icon
Pre-tied Bow Tie 25 coins Reach level 19 Somewhere, far away, a penguin knows how to tie these
Blueprint Colortail icon
Colortail 30 coins Reach level 21 Tails are good for knowing which direction you're not facing
Blueprint Whip Tail icon
Whip Tail 30 coins Reach level 21 If you're happy and you know it, wag your tail!
Blueprint Puffy Tail icon
Puffy Tail 40 coins Reach level 21 Soft and fuzzy, it's like having a blanket at all times
Blueprint Binoculars icon
Binoculars 25 coins Reach level 25 Super-vision that hangs around your neck
Blueprint Shoulder Pack icon
Shoulder Pack 35 coins Reach level 26 When your back’s busy, you need Shoulder Pack!
Blueprint Hip Hip Sack icon
Hip Hip Sack 30 coins Reach level 26 Carrying math books never looked so good

Unused blueprints

These blueprints are not available.

Unique items

The following are blueprints of unique items. As unique items cannot be customized, these blueprints are unused.
Image Name Description
Blueprint Beta Hat icon
Beta Hat Let's just say it. Wear this and you've arrived.
Blueprint Fluffy Toque icon
Fluffy Toque The island's favorite fish is now its favorite hat!
Blueprint Shellbeard&#039;s Hat icon
Shellbeard's Hat This may be cursed… but it's absolutely worth it.
Blueprint Tubing Toque icon
Tubing Toque The ultimate in high-speed tubing gear.
Blueprint Cursed Necklace icon
Cursed Necklace This is safe to wear… right?
Blueprint Alumni Jacket icon
Alumni Jacket[1] A reward for your dedication to the community.
Blueprint Crab Disguise icon
Crab Disguise Go undercover with this outfit created by a famous disguise gal.

Unobtainable items

The following are for items that cannot be obtained. Names in italics are internal names. Some of these items only have internal names.
Blueprint Icon Name Cost Description Item type ID
Blueprint pressHat icon
PressHat icon
pressHat Free
(Unique item)
This is the pressHat. Hair & Hats Item 12
Blueprint The Cool Curl icon
The Cool Curl icon
The Cool Curl
45 coins Tight curls with some real bounce. Hair & Hats Item 23
Blueprint cape icon
Cape icon
cape 0 coins This is the cape. Body extras Item 49
Blueprint glam icon
Glam icon
glam Free
(Unique item)
This is the glam. Face extras Item 57
Blueprint justMascara icon
JustMascara icon
justMascara Free
(Unique item)
This is the justMascara. Face extras Item 59
Blueprint monocle icon
Monocle icon
monocle 30 coins This is the monocle. Face extras Item 62
Blueprint punkMascara icon
PunkMascara icon
punkMascara Free
(Unique item)
This is the punkMascara. Face extras Item 65
Blueprint hoodieAndVest icon
HoodieAndVest icon
hoodieAndVest 60 coins
(Unique item)
This is the hoodieAndVest. Tops Item 81
Blueprint poloShirt icon
PoloShirt icon
poloShirt 40 coins
(Unique item)
This is the poloShirt. Tops Item 88
Blueprint wetSuit icon
WetSuit icon
wetSuit 60 coins This is the wetSuit. Full Body Item 97
Blueprint Tricera Toes icon
Tricera Toes icon
Tricera Toes
55 coins N/A Shoes Item 215
Blueprint Tricera Tummy icon
Tricera Tummy icon
Tricera Tummy
60 coins N/A Full Body Item 220
Traveling Princess Dress icon
Traveling Princess Dress
80 coins
(Unique item)
N/A Full Body Item 247
Elena Makeup
100 coins
(Unique item)
N/A Face extras Item 248
Corsage icon
25 coins N/A Body extras Item 271
Placeholder icon
Ben's Boots
75 coins Not too flashy. After all, you're a king of the people. Shoes Item 999
Blueprint loHair icon
The Pro CPI icon
loHair[3] N/A N/A N/A N/A
Blueprint pompadore icon
The Whip Flip icon
pompadore[4] N/A N/A N/A N/A
Prior to November 1, 2017, the prices of some unreleased items were different. They were:
  • The Cool Curl – 60 coins
  • monocle – 40 coins
  • hoodieAndVest – 75 coins
  • poloShirt – 50 coins
  • wetSuit – 80 coins
  • Tricera Toes – 70 coins
  • Tricera Tummy – 70 coins
  • Traveling Princess Dress – 100 coins
  • Corsage – 30 coins


Names in other languages

Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A


  1. The Alumni Jacket has twelve unused blueprints for all twelve variants, although they all look identical due to how the difference between the items is not visible from the front, which the blueprints display.
  2. The Elena Makeup was overwritten by the Toque About It in the 1.3 update, and no longer exists in the game.
  3. The loHair is identical to The Pro. The blueprint was removed in the 1.7.1 update.
  4. The pompadore is identical to The Whip Flip.
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