Burritos011 wrote:

Varanus109 wrote: Don't worry guys, when i grow up soon... i will work there and return Membership cards!

YAY! Thanks, Varanus109. Also, once when PSS comes out, make everything available for everyone. Like more igloos, clothes, etc. PLEASE!!

Another person who needs to learn business.

An online virtual world is a service to users.

However, to keep that service going, they need to sell stuff that the users will buy. They can sell perks, advantages, exclusive features, etc.

The money is used to add updates, pay for website domain, and also pay the employees.

If everything was free, then there would be no point of the game. It would be closed due to making no profit. Employees would quit, and the developers would have to pour their own cash in to keep it going.

That's why everything in a game isn't free

At least nature is, go out there.

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