Originalcool wrote:

Thomas D. Coyote wrote: you've got to be kidding me -_-
CP is no longer fun.
it's just a base for people to argue with other people about their opinions, because they can't accept the fact that each person is exotic and different, with their own personalities and perspectives that make them each their own selves.
I'm officially done with this place.

DONT GO!!!!!! Club Penguin is about everyone meeting each other and sometimes role play, not arguing about others opinions. Sorry if you think it is like that.

Well, that's sure what it seems like now. I'm sick of constantly trying my best, to defend the feelings of many people on the internet, by giving my best reasons to the source on why it's wrong. What do they do? They say "I agree. Good speech" for like 10 seconds, and then just go right back to it afterwards. It's clear that you can't make a change in a place like this.


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